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01-07-02, 05:24 PM
We initially thought we would be holding all events in the Finchley area. Easily accessed from all parts of London (not far from the M25) and also from people travelling down the M1.

Unfortunately, due to availability of venue's, we have had to hold the first two in the Watford area. This also seems to work well, even nearer to the M25 and less distance down the M1 for those coming from the Midlands.

There are two problems I can see with Central London as a venue. First, it is likely to be so expensive to hire anywhere for the day it would probably be about 25 for the day. Secondly, I would doubt any of the venues would have parking facilities and I don't fancy lugging all our equipment on the tube!

So, place your vote, post your thoughts. Our events are very much molded by the opinions you give. We initially set out to only hold 1 day events, people have asked for 2 days, and so we are looking into the possibility of that for our August event. Let us know your thoughts here to help us deiced the best location for our (or should I say 'your') events to be held.


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Watford (J6 M1)&nbsp

02-07-02, 11:03 PM
of course the midlands would be great for us lot but we dont mind traveling to watford. i think any further would put be a bit far as specially central london.

04-07-02, 04:11 PM
well, im voting watford, but only because its the nearest to me

FeArLeSs Dude
04-07-02, 04:54 PM
wheres the nearest to bournemouth? lol

15-07-02, 12:35 PM
If possible just ave a tour of venues. Cos if ur publicity is ne good then u'l get loadsa peps from every area u decide 2 locate in. i 4 1 would like it 2 b in centeral London cos its closest 2 me. And i no quite a lot of cs players who r down this area 2.

And another idea, would b 2 get Clan peps 2 these things. I'm from =[BG*D]= Clan (BadGamers&DEvils) and we r located all around london, so it would b a good thing 2 meet wit my fellow clan m8's. Hahaha yeah thats a dope idea, u guys can arrange 4 us 2 meet up. Talk about use and abuse. Na seriously tho. every1 knows where london is. and a would think most cs players r from da london area or around.

Ok thats enuff of my jive

I'll check on da response asap, so i hope u take in2 consideration my idea. I aint tryin 2 tellz ya wot 2 do. Just makin @#%$ ezy 4 me. aiii l8rz lanarchy chaps

15-07-02, 03:15 PM
Thats part of the idea Wab, one clan (kensai) travelled to our first event from not only London, but Sheffield and Stockport. I'll let ryuuri tell you more about that and how they enjoyed it

Maybe you should check with your clan mates if meeting up in Watford is a possibility. If one or two of them drive then they can pick up one or two others.

The location we have I don't think it can take any longer than around 40-50 minutes to get to us from anywhere within the M25, by using either the circular, M1 or M25 (I could be wrong of course...expecially if you meet bad traffic on the M25 or circular )
Ice to see you...

03-08-02, 12:18 PM
So are you saying we should hold an event there...or asking people to come to an event you would like to hold?
Ice to see you...

03-08-02, 11:24 PM
I have a venue in central London, for about 20-30 players. All the lan/switch hardware even some spare computers are here in. I don't know any gamers yet or clans, I would like to meet some!

please e-mail me!