View Full Version : I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here!

09-02-04, 11:20 AM
I have to admit to having watched a fair bit of this, this time round, mainly due to Nurcan watching it every evening (and slightly because of Jordan's massive.....personality.....being featured). Some of it is actually very, very funny.

With the 3 favourites no longer in the show...who do you think will win? :?

I've voted Kerry, but I've a really nasty feeling the ultra boring Jenny Bond will win...we'll see tonight I guess (well, I wont, I'll be working...)

09-02-04, 12:03 PM
now that vote is pretty convincing... :evillaugh:

09-02-04, 01:18 PM
I started to watch it but went off it after all the Beckhamgate thing, I won't have a bad word said against the captain of our country and I boycott anyone who does!!! so there!

09-02-04, 10:45 PM
the captain of our country
Geeza, if he's the captain of our country, we're in deep shit :shock:

09-02-04, 11:13 PM
I voted with the one beginning with 'K' (forgot her name, going on what my sister told me)

I was planning on watching it...but never did...

Whats all this Jordan/Beckham scam anyway?...I saw it on the front of the paper but didnt see what it was....even thoguh I planned to

09-02-04, 11:32 PM
:lol: So you voted for the winner, after the final finished 43 minutes ago.

The Jordan/Beckham thing was something along the lines of her saying she had slept with a footballer who had a pop singer girlfriend. The thing is, I think there are about 4 of them, dunno who said it must be Beckham.

10-02-04, 07:36 AM
didn't watch any of it.

10-02-04, 09:49 AM
Apparently she admitted to it being big Dave while she was in the jungle, Mike read told the nation when he was released(!). Jordan was saving the scandal for her book which is being released soon, bet she's happy with Mike! Big Dave retaliated by flexing his legal muscles and stating that if she prints anything about him he will sue.
God i'm sad