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30-03-04, 08:34 PM
Saw this today. Average zombie movie in which the acting was pretty poor but the zombies were fast and agressive.

A remake of George A Romero's movie of the same name with Ving Rhames being the only decent performance. A nice short cameo by Tom Savini though (he of zombie make up fame and also played Sex Machine in From Dusk Till Dawn :D)

I really wanted to see more of the zombies in this tbh coz they were great. It's nice to see zombies who move faster than normal Resident Evil pace and pose an actual threat.

If you like zombie flicks, go and see it. If not steer well clear.

Also a trailer was shown before for British horror/comedy Shaun of the Dead which is out next week. Might take a look at this as a hold over until Kill Bill Volume 2.

30-03-04, 08:39 PM
Also a trailer was shown before for British horror/comedy Shaun of the Dead which is out next week.
A friend watched a dodgy DVD of this recently as said it was brilliant. The trailer on TV looks okay, not sure it will be my thing though...

Haven't actually been to the cinema for so long, I can't remember what film it was. :? Can't bring myself to pay for a ticket :roll:

30-03-04, 11:53 PM
The zombies were the best I have seen anywhere tbh.

/rummages through an old biscuit tin, finds a book of re-ads and goes to Fulham :)

31-03-04, 07:43 AM
/rummages through an old biscuit tin, finds a book of re-ads and goes to Fulham :)
I ran out a long long time ago :cry: mind you, I didn't take many when I left, as you guys where supposed to be there to let me in :evil: :lol:

01-04-04, 08:43 AM
I'm having the exact same problem, run out have to ring before I go! What the hell is that all about. Good news is though my mate I used to work with at a certain site a few miles away has been transfered to a site even closer. Result!
Mcbain, I would bet that we know one person who would still have crusty old re-ads lying around somewhere, mainly cos if it wasn't nailed down he would take it home with him!

01-04-04, 10:25 AM
Ha ha very funny.

You never know when 300 re-ads might come in handy tho to bribe your way out of dangerous situations!! LOL

01-04-04, 11:13 AM
Only 300? Bloody amateur!!

Still looking for that projector tho........

01-04-04, 11:56 AM
I should have said that 300 was all I could fit into my wallet when out and about......but back at home, well.....!

The JBL subs fit nicely into the boot of most sport saloons tho!

01-04-04, 01:24 PM
You could only get 300 in your wallet cos of all the cash you rammed into it! yes Nav it was a system error!
Where did that speaker end up anyway? that was something else that went missing on your shift wasn't it!

01-04-04, 02:28 PM
Just get a reference number from the helpdesk for the speaker. No-one will ask any questions.

01-04-04, 03:53 PM
The speaker was nothing to do with me......ask Smokey!

01-04-04, 05:41 PM
Come on then, who's gonna mail me some re-ads ya tight gits! :D

01-04-04, 07:22 PM
Monkey Boy????

05-04-04, 10:38 AM
just holding off the monkey bashing(!!!) for a moment I saw Dawn of the dead the day it came out and I was quite impressed, maybe not so much a remake as a re-telling (much like the recent Texas chainsaw massacre which I saw the other day and was again quite pleased with the outcome, mind you the first one was sh*t). Everyone has a chance to compare the 2 though as the original dawn of the dead is on BBC2 on Weds at 11 something. Can I start a new debate by saying that Zombie films are the best kind of Horror films around.. they p*ss on Dracula!!!!

05-04-04, 12:19 PM
Zombies that move like they do in Dawn of the Dead (2004) i.e. more than 3 miles per day or 24 Hours Later rule. Tho some of the more recent vampire movies with masses of the blood sucking little buggers are still good too (From Dusk Till Dawn for example). The problem with Dracula movies is that most of them are old hammy Hammer offerings or bad modern remakes.

Ahh well - lets see what Van Helsing brings to the table in the summer.

Brains anyone?


06-04-04, 08:35 AM
I agree totally and i'm looking forward to Van Helsing. What makes the classic zombie films so good is the fact that they move so slow but still they manage to bite people. If you get bit by an 'old' zombie you deserve all you get in my opinion, should run quicker!