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05-04-04, 07:07 PM
That's right, we're holding an overnight event this month. It will be held at Harrow Arena, the venue for L14 (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/events/previous/dec2003.html).


They now have 30 top end PC's available for us to use, with all the necessary games pre-installed. With this in mind, and it so close to the tube, there's no excuse for you not to come!!! :)

The last LAN in Harrow was great fun, and this one should be no different. We plan on playing all the usual games -Counter Strike
Battlefield 1942 & Desert Combat
Call of Duty
Age of Mythology:TitansAlong with some of the newer multiplayer releases -UT2004
Battlefield Vietnam
Far Cry (maybe)+ whatever else people want to play :thumbs: We will have a few prizes to give away, such as a cool Everglide Mouse Mat and a few games.


It will start at 6pm on Saturday 24th and we'll be going all through the night to 11am the following morning. The cost is

05-04-04, 07:58 PM
Hi, i will if i dont have exams near the date, il be able to tell in 2 weeks for sure 8-)

06-04-04, 08:29 AM
Add me in m8. Ill be there. Im going to have to juggle my work schedule (i might get there at 7pm, straight from work) :)

-logical- Chimp
06-04-04, 08:53 AM
sign me up :p

10-04-04, 04:39 PM
Sweet :) will prolly be booking 3 places, *runs around 2 gather ppl up
i'll be back to confirm later :D

12-04-04, 03:41 PM
You guys need to stop having events on the same day as us! Otherwise we'll never be able to attend.

If for whatever reason this event gets cancelled, feel free to join us for The Battle of Thorpe End 5 (http://www.lanwars.org/modules.php?op=modload&name=Calendar&file=index&type=view&eid=1).

12-04-04, 05:43 PM
Unfortunatly, of the 52 weekends each year, around 30+ aren't even possible for us, which limits are choices greatly :( You'll need to try and avoid us instead ;) :P

18-04-04, 05:50 AM
If there are any places available, could I have 2 :)

18-04-04, 05:51 AM

18-04-04, 08:01 AM
Hi there RANCID, welcome to the forums :spin:

Yup, two places is no problem at all, consider them reserved :thumbs:

Just do we know, what games do you guys have a preference too?

18-04-04, 11:56 AM
Any FPS, mostly BF1942/DC, UT2K3/4, Quake 3 arena newly bought far cry :). Thanks McBain

18-04-04, 04:43 PM
We've had to change plans on this one guys. I'm really sorry but the LAN centre only informed me today there will need to be atleast 24 of us, or we can't do the event :(

See this thread (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/viewtopic.php?t=1603) for more details of what is planned for this Saturday instead.

18-04-04, 06:02 PM
*@#! bollox, i have already arranged a day off for the 25th. *sigh*. Mcbain, when should i send an email to my boss to re-arrange it for the 24th (ie, is it confirmed to be moved?). Damn it, i was looking forward to the overnighter :( But i will come regardless of what day it is on, i just need to know by wednesday if its confirmed. CHeers

18-04-04, 06:21 PM
We should know by Tuesday morning if we can hold it at St. Marks.

I know it's a pain....trust me, its as big a pain for us :(

18-04-04, 06:23 PM
ok m8. i understand. its a bit of a pitty they (cafe) let us know last minute. Hope it all goes well. see ya soon.


20-04-04, 08:01 AM
Interestingly enough, the LAN centre have now said they have rustled up around 15 people themselves, so if we want the overnight, we can. We'll wait to see if we can have St Marks, hopefully we'll find out today.


Okay, as we haven't been able to get confirmation from St Marks in Watford, and with the above news and with us just wanting something confirmed...

[shadow=black:66cb0b93ad]THE OVERNIGHT IS BACK ON[/shadow:66cb0b93ad]

Sorry for all the back and forwards folks. :roll:

20-04-04, 10:49 AM
ok. Cool. So overnighter back on, i wont re-arrange my day-off. And i will see you all at 7:30 (McBain can you please save me a seat, cause i will be back from work at 7:30pm) on the 24th.