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31-10-02, 08:20 PM
Are we suprised? everytime it gets anywhere near the release date, they drop it back a couple of months... this time its 1/3/2003. Wonder what version of cs we will be on by then?

31-10-02, 09:47 PM
We will be on version 1.6
Steam Beta 2.0 and Counter-Strike Beta 1.6 are supposed to launch in mid-November. Counter-Strike 1.6 should be out by the end of the year, they were going to release it at the same time as CS:CZ but since it has been delayed, then they are releasing 1.6 before. Lets just hope these new weapons are good.

15-03-04, 09:31 AM
Hows about this for a bump 8-) (Can you believe how long ago we we're talking about CS:CZ being released!)

I've just read through the review of CS:CZ in PC Zone and although I know I said I wouldn't be buying CZ, they are saying you can only run servers with bots (or even join them) if you have the retail version. Does it basically install steam and then install CZ for you or does it install CZ as a stand-alone?

The review is actually quite favourable and they think the bots are the best to be seen in a game yet. This, combined with the fact there are no games out there I want right now, is all making me think I might actually [url=http://www.play247.com/play247.asp?page=search&adudisc=y]spend

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
15-03-04, 10:16 AM
when they launched steam, it still had the bots in (since removed :( ) - and they were VERY, VERY good. even back then (what - a year ago or so?)

not impressed with the plan to limit playing in bot games to CZ owners though :cry:

15-03-04, 10:29 AM
I think I'll probably pick this up, just so I can play agains the bots when I want to. As McBain said for 17 quid you can't argue too much. I'd balk at paying 35 quid for it though...

15-03-04, 10:37 AM
I've just realised, by bumping a thread called 'CZ Drops back again...' I might worry a few people waiting for it :roll: I've removed the 'drops back again' bit now, maybe I should have just started a new thread :side: Anyway, nevermind...

28-03-04, 10:41 AM
Thought I'd give the single player game a go this morning....it's actually quite fun.

Obviously I selected 'Hard' and off I go. I select a map from the three starters of dust, office and prodigy and then choose a team of the men available. I can have up to 5 team mates, but each costs points, and points are limited.

It loads the map and then gives me objectives to acheive. For example, I'm just doing prodigy now and I have to - Kill 7 enemies
Kill 2 enemies with a schmidt scout and survive the round
Win a round in less than 60 secondsOnce I've accomplished these I need to be winning by 2 with atleast 3 wins and I've passed this map.

Office was similar to the above objectives, but instead of win in 60 seconds, I had to rescue all the hostages, which was harder than you expect because many times all T's are eliminated before you even have a chance to rescue anyone :roll: The weapon I had to kill 2 T's with was the MP5 :thumbs:

An interesting thing I've just learnt, as you Alt+Tab out to something, CZ stops and waits for you :?

-logical- Chimp
01-04-04, 02:26 PM
well, having forgotten i had pre-ordered this back before the first ship date, i was suprised when i turned up on my doormat last weekend...

The box actually contains two games: CS:CZ, which is basically CS against bots, and with extra tasks for each map, and CS:CZ:Deleted Scenes, which is the first attempt at CZ (by Raven ? cant remember).

Having played a large chunk of the Deleted Scenes, i can see why it got pulled. Its fairly enjoyable, but the graphics, maps, and models look old and dated even for a HL engine game, the weapon models and sounds have been changed (usually not for the better), and the AI is just plain bad. If it had been released back before HL (ie sometime around 97/98) it would have been regarded as a pretty good game, but not now. oh - and playing on 'Hard' difficulty, i pretty much finished it last night, in a single 6-hour sitting.

Still, it was nice of them to throw it in the box for 'free', and adds a bit of extra value to the box :)

the 'proper' CS:CZ actually looks pretty good. its still recognisably the HL engine, complete with original glitches (like point light-sources shining through crates/bodies/other objects) but the quality of the textures seems to have been improved (or maybe its just that i run an old install :D).

the 'bot AI is some of the best i have seen, and works very well. enemy seems to be of a higher standard than friendly AI, but that is probably because i only have access to the friendly bots with 'low' and 'ok' skill atm.

the extra tasks for each map do make them more enjoyable - no longer is it a straight slog for X number of map wins. some of the tasks are easy, and some not so. eamples: easy - getting three commando kills. medium: getting 5 auto-shotty kills, on Tide (a map that seems to be designed for assault rifles and snipers). hard: killing a flashbang-blind enemy. bloody hard - killing a flashbang-blind enemy, and surviving the round. (hard for me anyway - never normally use 'nades).

all in all, im enjoying this - a lot more than i thought i would, and the inclusion of the deleted scenes adds a bit of longevity as well (not much, but some, and probably more for people that dont spend all their time playing shooters :D).

01-04-04, 03:40 PM
Is the verdict a yes then? it seems to be from the comments above, are we gonna play it at LANs?

I stood in Tesco last night staring at this (and BF:V - but I hardly ever play BF, so couldn't justify that) for a few minutes last night before deciding not to bother...

If the general consensus is that it's worth it and that it might get played at a LAN then I'll pick a copy up in the near future...

01-04-04, 05:40 PM
Well as far as I can see, Condition Zero and Counter Strike are actually two sperate games. It has a option on the CZ menu to 'Play CZ online' but when you click that it installs Steam :poop:

Then on the games list your have both CZ and CS. When you click CZ it gives you whaffle about how to buy it. I clicked to play CS and I still can't get it to actually let me log in :?

The maps look very nice in CZ, but I'm waiting to see if they look like this in CS online, maybe...maybe not, Chimp can you confirm either way?

Peter Piper
06-04-04, 10:13 PM
Ok, the other day (by accident) i deleted all the files, patches and games i had installed on 4 partitions since 1999 (rough time that UT came out) while installing Linux :oops:. And yes i had been making backups, but it still a pain in the arse.

So the most painful thing was installing all games again and the patching crap that comes with it. More so HL and CS (will it work or won't it patch). So i thought, i know, i'll go to GAME and get the CS CZ as when asked, people were saying it was CS but 1.6 version. So i thought maybe they will include the original and the new stuff, without me having to do all the patching stuff :(. Judging by the screenies, it looked the same as the first, so off i went. But i went to the wrong shop where the guy could not answer all of my questions, unlike the excited guy in the shop near where i live.

Anyway, installed and played and it looks better, sounds better and is better or should i say it had to be better. Included are stuff i really can't understand why they left out in the original, with all the patching and updates that was flying around. For example, the bots tell you where they are going to plant the bomb, so i must assume that, that voice command is there for human players as well. If you team kill someone you sit out the next round.....cool. I can not comment any further cos i have not played it enough.

So will it replace the original, for the time being till the new one based on the new HL 2 engine comes out?

Do i still need to put the original on, cos i really can't be bother especially with the patching and cheating. Mind you i have a fully patched and working version on the server, so will just copy and paste that :D.

Anyway, not bad for

-logical- Chimp
07-04-04, 08:21 AM
no idea - not bothered trying it online yet...

13-04-04, 08:52 AM
Could someone please try and join my CZ server?

Connect to

As yet, I've not figured how I run a DS with bots. So it's running on a machine upstairs as a listen server (with 5 bots) but I can't connect to it. I'm guessing because the CZ install is made with my CZ key, even though it isn't logged into Steam...it probably knows my steam CZ has been installed with my key :(

There must be a way to run a DS with bots though, I'll try and find out through the day.

**EDIT** The server is down for an hour or two while I download steam onto it. I think I can then get a DS up with bots. Whether or not I will be able to connect to the CZ DS with my CZ (using the same key) we'll see... :side: I don't particularly fancy buying another CZ just to be able to run a DS :roll:


The server is back up, 7 bots get added as soon as anyone joins the game. I would appreciate if someone can try and connect. Later I will look for stats modules and such :thumbs:

13-04-04, 01:21 PM
You'll have to configure the firewall to route port 27015 through to that machine too.


13-04-04, 01:45 PM
You'll have to configure the firewall to route port 27015 through to that machine too.
Done already...

13-04-04, 01:50 PM
smart arse ;)

SS| 0v3rl0rd
02-05-04, 04:19 PM
well i but you know allready but you can use anylevel on the new CS by placing the existing maps like aim_map and cs_assault2k into the new map directory and the bots learn how to play the level so you can play any level with bots after they anyalaze it.