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18-04-04, 08:31 PM
Was everyone else aware there's going to be one? I'm a bit concerned, seeing as how Disney are making it, but apparently John Malkovich is going to be in it (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/entertainment/3634295.stm), which gives me a bit of confidence.


18-04-04, 08:47 PM
First I heard of it - I hope they don't americanize it at all, I dont want to see Marvin in the 'cute and funny sidekick' role that every Disney movie seems to end up with.

I want to see Larry Nivens RingWorld stories being done by someone like Peter Jackson.


18-04-04, 09:02 PM
Bill Nighy is apparently lined up to Slartibartfast 8-)

18-04-04, 09:05 PM
And ermmm.. Willow is listed as Marvin (http://uk.imdb.com/title/tt0371724/fullcredits) :?

18-04-04, 11:21 PM
Oh dear... :(


19-04-04, 09:19 PM
I know that Martin Freeman (that dude who plays Tim in the office) has also signed up, and also Sam Rockwell who is rumoured to play Zaphod.

25-06-04, 08:06 AM
Douglas Adams to star on radio in adaption of last three books (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/3827181.stm)

24-07-04, 02:17 AM
Disney today gave fans at Comic-Con International a first peek at the teaser trailer for the big screen adaptation of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy during Pixar's The Incredibles presentation.

The clip pans out from Earth from the horizon while Louis Armstrong's "What a Wonderful World" is playing. When it gets to that line in the song, Earth explodes!

During the explosion the clip freezes all of a sudden and it says "Don't Panic". Then the explosion continues and the words "The End of the World is Just the Beginning" appear and the stars form the film's logo.

You'll also notice some stars in the corner form "42" for the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

The Touchstone film, directed by Garth Jennings, is due in theaters on June 3, 2005. Martin Freeman, Mos Def, Zooey Deschanel, Anna Chancellor, Bill Nighy, Sam Rockwell, Warwick Davis, John Malkovich, and Steve Pemberton star.

28-07-04, 12:40 AM
just an update on the film the teaser can be viewed here, it doesnt show much , it can be viewed here http://www.comingsoon.net/films.php?id=4680

28-07-04, 06:24 AM
I've just started the book on this, maybe I'll finish it before the film is released :shock:

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
28-07-04, 04:49 PM
radio plays were better than the book - can lend if you're interested?

28-07-04, 04:58 PM
And since the film isn't due out until next summer and the books (well the first three at least) aren't too long I imagine you have plenty of time ;)

20-02-05, 11:32 AM
Looks like this thread needs a bit of an update :) Check out the website here -


It has a couple of minute long trailer on it. Tbh, I hadn't really been looking forward to this (I guess I hadn't thought much about it before) but seeing the trailer now makes me rather eager for its release.

Also, it looks like we're actually getting the film a week before the US, on April 29th.

21-02-05, 01:13 AM
Also, it looks like we're actually getting the film a week before the US, on April 29th.
holy cow! :shock: can't wait btw, it's it's half as good as the TV series was it'll be great!

21-02-05, 08:20 AM
Well that would make sense, because the TV series was about half as good as the radio series...


21-02-05, 02:08 PM
ditto - book to radio, despite them actually existing the other way round...

04-03-05, 09:51 AM
There's another trailer (http://www.ugo.com/channels/filmtv/features/hitchhikersguide/exclusive.asp) out :thumbs:

08-04-05, 05:57 PM
This seems to be a new website for the film -


Not long now, 3 weeks away... does anyone fancy arranging a mass Lanarchy trip to the cinema to see it? :)

08-04-05, 07:03 PM
sounds like fun. soon as you set a date i'll find out if i can make it.

08-04-05, 07:04 PM
Well the release date is dangerously close to the night out that we were planning anyway? Could combine the 2? (Or are you thinking of inviting EVERYONE ;) )

08-04-05, 07:29 PM
Could combine the 2? (Or are you thinking of inviting EVERYONE ;) )
Thats sounds like a great idea, but that would be up to Mrs S really, as its here night we would be altering. I'm working early, I suppose we could do the 'all you can eat' and then those that want to, could see the film on a late show around midnight?

Cripp or Gob, you still have a few re-ads to help with the procedings ;)

The invite was really for anyone, but I would guess it would generally be the CoF bunch that would be the ones coming along... (if we do it)

08-04-05, 07:40 PM
What was the date of the night out again (looks and mirror and sees indeed that brain is in fact a sieve :roll: ).

Ill have a dig round for re-ads. Not sure I have many left. It has been 2 1/2 years ;).

08-04-05, 07:46 PM
What was the date of the night out again (looks and mirror and sees indeed that brain is in fact a sieve :roll: )

April 30th if my calendar is correct...

Ill have a dig round for re-ads. Not sure I have many left. It has been 2 1/2 years ;).
Top geeza :thumbs: :beer:

08-04-05, 08:22 PM
Mrs S suggested it, and we've got a few re-ads (thanks to Gob ;) ) so I'd say that we're on to a winner...

08-04-05, 10:39 PM
Sorry, but what are re-ads? :?

08-04-05, 10:44 PM
you exchange them for a film ticket to see whatever film you want.

09-04-05, 02:07 AM
Glad you found em Scoobs - that was ages ago. I have 4 so we should be ok. :)

10-04-05, 08:29 PM
This sounds interesting - I like Chinese (as the song goes) and hitchhikers - though I don't know whether hollywood will do it justice.

What's the cost likely to be? and is the cinema close to the chinese?


10-04-05, 09:15 PM
It's a good point, what is the closest cinema to you? Also, Wint reminded me, we have our first game the day after... what time will we be eating and finishing, can we squeeze into a 9ish showing... or is that too early for everyone?

11-04-05, 05:05 AM
Since its a saturday then I won't have a problem with whatever time it would be.
My closest cinema is in watford, but I'm guessing that we'll be looking around colindale, which I don't know too well - aside from the ASDA.


11-04-05, 10:57 AM
I'll go take a look at what's nearby to the Chinese later in the week and report back...

Jon can't get to the food Hall until maybe 7:30, so looking at maybe a 10:00 -10:30 film showing (assuming cinema is nearby), would that be too late?

Mrs Scoobs
11-04-05, 03:34 PM
the warner cinemas nearest to the chinese are either watford or finchley.

11-04-05, 06:04 PM
Obviously Finchley would be good for me and Wint ;) Maybe we can do that if we have to see something at 11:30ish? Would anyone mind? At least we would only be a couple of minutes from home...

11-04-05, 07:02 PM
No problems here :thumbs:

11-04-05, 08:00 PM
H2G2 related - Radio show comes to an end (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/tv_and_radio/4433549.stm).

24-04-05, 08:14 AM
This reviewer (http://www.filmfocus.co.uk/review.asp?ReviewID=263) gave it 70%...

30-04-05, 11:07 PM
OK - I'll start :)

Things I liked: the plot, Trillian, the little 'detail' touches: Marvin in the queue, Arthur Dent v1 at Magrathea, that they explained why Ford would have anything to do with a dolt like Arthur Dent, Zaphod's head (the sort of special effects DA would have liked to achieve with the TV series, I'm sure)

Things I didn't like: that bl**dy dolphin song, that the Heart of Gold seems to have become a round thing, that some of the best lines from the TV series seemed to get completely wasted - almost as if the actors were trying to do them 'differently' just for the sake of it.


30-04-05, 11:22 PM
Not enough of 'the book' for me (not enough Trillian either ;) )

Pretty good overall - was worried abut the 'love' story part, but felt that it actually worked quite well. I liked the way that they expanded the plot using stuff from the later books.

Not a Zaphod fan though, thought that he was too 'zany' :? and not in keeping with anything that we actually know about Zaphod (he is, actually, a pretty bright guy and not all his intelligence is locked away in his 2nd head (which didn't seem that clever either))

Got to agree with Rob on the murdering of some of the lines, but nm. Missed 'they hung in the air exactly the same way that bricks don't' :(

Be interested to hear Skav's opinion tbh, as he's not seen the TV show or read the books/heard the Radio show...

But over all I'll give it a not bad; erring to a pretty damn good in places (it certainly seemed to get better as the film went on...)

30-04-05, 11:24 PM
I didn't like Zaphod's head at all. I would generally have been happier with a real bad paper mache (<- SP?) head, stuck next to his real one.

Some lines were definitly lost, but I guess they are still good when you know they are there, new people to it will have missed them. Slarghty Bartfarst (<-- I've got no-chance spelling that one) wasn't a patch on the TV show one (he lost most the good lines 'You'll be late, as in the late Dent Arthur Dent' just didn't work in the film)

Arthur was okay, Zaphod was pretty good apart from the extra head. Was it me or did Zaphod and Ford seemed permanently drunk? Also, did they explain the 3 pints and salty nuts at the beginning?

High-light had to be the big nast monsters (forgot the names) chasing Ford and his towel about at the end - 'Oh no, he's shut the gate, we'll have to go round...' :lol:

01-05-05, 08:10 AM
New avatar available (along with a few more) -


01-05-05, 09:28 AM
I hated the song as well - WHY!!!

I did like Zaphod signing the earths destruction order (because he thought it was a autograph hunter)
Slartibartfast (I can spell it :-) ) was rather disappointing and the 'filling the seas up with a hose' was a little silly.
I especially liked the destruction of the earth sequence.
I would have preferred the 'running shoe' heart of gold, a sphere doesn't make sense.

The inquisitive crab on the vogasphere was good - sometimes being inquisitive isn't good for you.

Really impressed with the 'inside Magrathea' sequence, though the original Slartibartfast mini spaceship makes more sense than the cherrypicker on a beam idea.

I did like the fact that they kept the essentials of a good story from the books, that they are leaving a sequel open and that the question of what the question is is still a question. :-)


01-05-05, 09:46 AM
^^ Someone pressed the wrong button ;)

:spam: from McBain :evillaugh:

01-05-05, 09:55 AM

You could have just edited it down :roll:

01-05-05, 09:56 AM
^^ to imply up 2 posts, didn't want to quote the whole message...

Damn you changed your post ;)

And yes I could've edited it, but I got to use the :evillaugh: smiley and I likes it.. ;)

01-05-05, 08:24 PM
For those that didn't know, the TV series is on Paramount right now!

01-05-05, 08:49 PM
It's also going to be on BBC2 on Tuesday at 11:20pm :)

03-05-05, 01:49 PM
Found this on the Net prety good read

Douglas Adams: Master of his universe
Douglas Adams never completed a screenplay of 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'. And for good reason, says his friend Michael Bywater. So what would the cult author have made of the film that premieres tonight?
20 April 2005

First, we need to straighten something out. I was never a close personal friend of Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, techno-guru, would-be

03-05-05, 10:32 PM
Here is a rather negative review of the film (http://planetmagrathea.com/shortreview.html) (the no spoilers version).