View Full Version : Photos From Lanarchy 16 Available

25-04-04, 09:13 PM
I didn't take a massive amount, 18 in all, they are all uploaded here -


I'd also just like to say thanks to everyone that attended to help make a great evening, night and morning :thumbs:

25-04-04, 09:52 PM
Is he the Quake 3 Champion? Coz i met him at the Games Matrix - LIVE STUFF 2002 show at EARLS COURT.


26-04-04, 12:03 AM
Thanks Andy. I had a great time. Looking forward to the watford one in june!

ps: yep. Hes Sujoy. The gamecenter owner, i think he runs IGUK?.

28-04-04, 11:44 AM
Yes ^^
I saw him at Stuff Live 2002 at earl court as well, was trying to work that out :D *clicked*

01-05-04, 07:41 AM
bugger missed it :cry:

01-05-04, 07:45 AM
Hi Bsport, welcome to the forum.

Do you live in the North London area?

SS| 0v3rl0rd
02-05-04, 12:59 PM
hi im from harrowarena and was at the allnigther and i would like to say thanks to se.Faza, Kwazo,wintermute,Mcbain for making a great CS night with some extreme owning and winning the CS torny well played :mwah:

SS| 0v3rl0rd
02-05-04, 01:53 PM
do you by any chance have any videos of the newest LANarchy 16 with you owning us!! :shock: and can any body tell me how i can make my own frag videos even if it is against bots!!! (experts of course) :roll:

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
02-05-04, 04:37 PM
bring down the console and type record {demofilename}, to finish recording the demo type stop. To play it back, get into the console and type play {demofilename}.

you can also convert it to avi and edit it, but i dunno how to do all that

SS| 0v3rl0rd
02-05-04, 04:40 PM
thanks mate but i think ill use fraps for the the real CS and use the new CS to look at myself. thanks for help.

02-05-04, 05:34 PM
I have a couple of demo's (including my knife kill on the sniper with the AWP on Dust2 ;) ) I've made them into avi's but the trouble I have is combining real video with the demo footage as they are different resolutions.

When I have another crack, I'll try reducing the real footage down to the same and see if it works. Maybe tomorrow. :)

SS| 0v3rl0rd
03-05-04, 12:55 PM
ok it should look good when complete if only you had the great shot but SS| ginger ninja on it which some people called the best. :(

26-05-04, 03:28 AM
Very interesting. I really enjoy watching ppl eating pizza. Just kidding man, nice pictures. :)

26-05-04, 07:22 AM
Hi Murphy, welcome to the forums :)