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12-05-04, 08:01 PM
As we have matches, I will edit this post to show our most recent results :)

Tuesday 25th May
20:00 - [LNY] 4 - 20 BeaVer - de_aztec
21:00 - [LNY] 3 - 21 el. - de_aztecTwo bad matches, neither of which did we look like standing a chance, although both rank fairly high in Div 3. Elite limeys are now ranked 3rd :shock: and we actually managed to go 3-2 up as CT's before they stormed back through.

Sunday 23rd May
21:00 - :tagma: 23 - 1 [LNY] - de_aztec
22:00 - [LNY] 9 - 15 Tusken^ - de_aztecNot the best start, only winning 1 round in our opening match.

Things improved for the second match, we actually won as terrorists (2nd half) 7-5. Nice bunch of guys, think we might ask for a rematch in a few weeks time.

(This format may change in the future)