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15-05-04, 08:08 AM
I DL'd the 700mb vid from the E3 show of HL2 and at the end it shows a vid of CS using the source engine. 8-)

ALl of the HL2 stuff is fantastic and is wetting my appetite for the game which after seeing the interview with Doug Lombardi, he says its just gone to beta and a definite release mid summer.

The CS clip was stunning - sounded and felt like an real evolved version of CS. Same voices used on radio caommands, same menu feel etc, and they were playing Aztec - the T's were running along the water at the bottom of the trench part and the CTs were shooting from the bridge. There was water flying everywhere from the running and the gunfire, the bridge was swaying from the hits and the weight on it....superb.

Took a couple of hrs to DL but worth it! :thumbs:

15-05-04, 08:22 AM
You have a link for the download? :roll:

15-05-04, 08:27 AM
Only from Fileplanet but here it is anyway........

BIG FILE! (http://www.fileplanet.com/files/140000/140589.shtml)

15-05-04, 09:36 PM
hey thats the same one I just posted earlier on, oh well

16-05-04, 11:25 AM
Earlier? I think mine was yesterday AM and yours PM! :-)

17-05-04, 02:42 AM
Just downloaded 700mb+ quicktime video (25 min long of the latest from Half Life 2) along with Doom 3

I have to say, I'm very very pleased. Improvements I seem to have noticed are.....

* Even better looking characters in many ways (skin seems more realistic, so the eyes now don't look too realistic for the rest of the face)
* Character movement seems improved walking and runnign seems mroe real time than ever, I thought they ran slightly slower before.
* Improved fragmenting effects (crowbar chops through wood more realistically etc)
* Added Counter-Strike mod

Other small things have improved, that may have already been there but wasn't shown at E3 2003, like those "stridders" (the spider things with long legs) when it fires at u the screen goes red and and blurry and hear a whining noise, very impressive!

The aliens scream more, whenthere in pain you hear it mroe, I think it sounds better

Seems more structured. The guards that guard City 17 seem to have more of a routine and show there evil/strict side

Water effects like splashs seem amazing when shells fire at the water (missing the CT's), in the Counter-Strike mod shown at the end (de_aztec updated very well). However I do have small crticisms, once the bomb is planted it jus seems to drop and when they defuse you dont need to crouch and your hand doesnt come out to defuse. (I don't think)

It seemed to be called 'Counter-Strike' like the first one, so its gonna get confusing with the original, the map shown was REALLY well structured and character animation is excellent just the Half Life 2 Single Player. Interesting to find out if the gameplay is as good as the original.

Seeing how the game runs, your gonna need one of those next generation cards for sure if you want it runnign top spec (with good frame rate) . I don't see a Radeon 9800XT being enough if you want 40-50fps. The characters look like the GeForce 6800 demo (almost in every way.

This video is absoltely stunning, atleast a 15-20% improvement on the last one.

I want this game soooo bad

17-05-04, 09:06 AM
Makes you wonder what cards these demos run on. I know Valve have made the engine scaleable to run the very lowest cards aswell.

Considering that at the time of supposed release last year the 9800XT was only just rearing its head, it should run remarkebly well I think. Otherwise time to upgrade - again!

17-05-04, 09:18 AM
So Counter Strike mod will be included in the game? If so, that is great, no messing about :thumbs:

I'm confident my machine will cope just fine with HL2 when it comes. I'm sure they will have taken into account that most folk are still running machines around 20k on the Aquamark3 scale and they will want them to be able to play it, otherwise sales will suffer.

17-05-04, 05:34 PM
Yeah, I am sure Half Life 2 will be able to run fine on your system too, it just i'm wondering maybe they may include advanced features that are only available in the next gen cards, like all these new versions of smoothvision etc.

I mean yes your right no-one will buy it unless you need a super machine but I expect there to be the option to play it top spec, or hey! why show videos with advanced features there not gonna let you use

I think it would be something like this
MINMIMUM - 1ghz, 256mb ram, 6GB HDD space, 64mb card
RECOMMENDED - 2ghz, 512mb RAM, 10GB HDD space, 128mb card
TOP SPEC - 3ghz?, 756mb ram?, 12GB HDD space, 256mb card (next gen, because of special features)

but hey! you never know till its out :P

17-05-04, 10:07 PM
I mean yes your right no-one will buy it unless you need a super machine
No-one will buy it if you need a super machine.

18-05-04, 11:03 PM
Quote the whole line, it changes the context of what I'm saying

18-05-04, 11:47 PM
i've looked and i dont think it makes any difference... but then again only a select few understand Skavornish

19-05-04, 12:54 AM
......or maybe you just didn't see the difference

19-05-04, 06:16 AM
No, I don't see how the rest of the line makes any difference wither. You basically said the opposite of what is meant.

-logical- Chimp
19-05-04, 09:26 AM
sorry skav - i cant see any difference between the meaning implied in the quote, and the meaning of the entire line in your post...

unless your trying to imply no-one will buy the card if there is no games that support it, therefor the card-makers are going to be twisting the game-makers arms to make them include the top-end features ?

personally, i dont buy a card based on its new features, or performance in games that aren't out yet - i buy based on performance of games i already have. (and i only buy if my current card cant handle the games i currently have. games of the future, are by definition 'of the future', are therefor are not yet available to play :D)

07-06-04, 09:36 PM
To get this back from Skav's poor grasp of English grammer and back on to HL2 - a cartoon:



08-06-04, 05:34 AM
Who knows - maybe one day that will be the case, high end cards already need a seperate power supply (two in the case of the nvidia) and if there was a fast enough link between it and the motherboard then having the card in it's own box isn't too extreme a situation.
Anyone looking for a new pc case may want to check this out:


08-06-04, 06:36 AM
Oh, nice! Though it's not best suited to standing on carpet I wouldn't have thought, as it'd suck up all the crap from the floor. And I would like to see some kind of quantitive test to see whether the layout really does help with cooling, thought it seems as though it ought to. Glad to see that case manufacturers are continuing to innovate after 20 years of thoughtless dullness...

Ah we've gone off topic again :(

08-06-04, 06:42 AM
Read "all" the posts again...

08-06-04, 04:37 PM
Cool thanks Gamith I'll keep that case in mind, looks great, much lighter for LAN's and the grids will be like having the side off. Again

18-08-04, 10:31 AM
This article (http://www.steampowered.com/?area=css_b1) lists the Minimum and Recommended requirements.