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16-07-02, 06:00 PM
hiya, its Devlin, previously known as Katana and i was the sad git not taking part at the 1st event, just watching ABCmoxon

anyway, ive only got a 56k (all the more reason to go to a lan) and im having trouble downloading the lastest patch for half life and counterstrike.
i cant seem to find any magazines with both full installs on its dvd
counterstrike = around 110mb
i was wondering if anyone had these on a disc that i could use at the event

obviously, im not gonna rely on anyone, and im gonna do my best to find them on a magazine, downloading them the night before if i have to.

16-07-02, 06:17 PM
Don't worry, we have them on CD's at the event, or downloadable from the local website on the day.

Just make sure you have Half Life all installed and ready
Ice to see you...

17-07-02, 11:06 AM
no worries now, ive got them on a dvd mounted on pc gamer.
everythings installed