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24-08-04, 10:07 PM
I watched this through the course of the week on my PDA, on the way to work. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but generally like the 'based on actual events' type films so I thought I'd give it a go.

Quite good all in all I thought, I'd love to know how much was fact and what was added to make it more entertaining. I noticed at the end that Frank Abignale helped the production of the film, so I'm guessing quite a bit of it was true? Does anyone know anything about it?

For those wanting to know what the film is about, a young man (boy) of the age of 16 runs away from home, forges some ID, 'gets hold' of a Pan Am uniform and gets himself flown about the US with other airlines. He then starts forging bank cheques and Pan Am pay cheques. After a while he gets bored of that and passes himself of as a doctor. Then he moves on to being a Lawyer. Before he reached 19 he had defrauded the US of $4 million :shock: Any more than that and I would give the story away, but basically its about him and the FBI agent trying to catch him.

24-08-04, 11:03 PM
I think that is one of the only films that I enjoyed that stared Leonardo Di Caprio, their was also a brief apearence in the film in which the original Frank Abignale jr plays a french policeman, I remember seen a documentry on the Discovery channel last yr about Frank and how his life was turned into a hollywood story, the scene in the film when he pretends to be a substitute never really happend ,also Tom Hanks character Carl never existed (I think it was just an excuse for Steven spielberg to cast his best buddy tom in the film) its a good film that is worth watching .

25-08-04, 12:55 AM
Yeah good film. The doc about Abignale is well worth catching. The Terminal is out soon isn't it? Another Hanks/Spielberg combo about a man stuck in an airport terminal after his country 'disappears'.

25-08-04, 05:38 AM
Tom Hanks character Carl never existed
Wow, really? Thats quite suprising given that they mention him in the 'what happened in the future' bit at the end, how they are friends to this day etc. Did Frank really get a job at the FBI helping fight bank fraud, or is that bit made up too?

If anyone notices the documentary is on at any time, give me a shout :)

25-08-04, 08:52 AM
he did get a job in with the FBI, he helped design some of the seurity features that they use today to prevent scams on cheques . u can check out his website here http://www.abagnale.com/ , as for the documentry I would asume that if there was a special edition dvd out then that documentry might be on the extra features