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kensai ryuuri
17-07-02, 10:05 AM

I was thinking to make it go a lil faster/organised that you used MR12 rules for the CS tournament.

MR12 settings are here if you don't know them just add/change these in the config:
mp_buytime 0.5
mp_roundtime 3
mp_timelimit 0
mp_maxrounds 12
mp_c4timer 35

I think thats all of them...

Also I suggest FF to be on
mp_friendlyfire 1

Finally this one was really useful at the CPL, it blacks out your screen while dead, so no "monitor h4xing" can take place
mp_fadetoblack 1

Your thoughts please.

17-07-02, 03:03 PM
Nice one mate, wasn't aware you could set it to a round limit rather than a time limit, that is a cool idea.

Is that shorted C4 timer used for 4 on 4 or generally larger teams?

I'm all in favour of shorted round times mind you, less camping (hopefully )

Friendly fire was on, on the tournament server's if you remember...

mp_fadetoblack... dammit, I thought it was mp_forcechasecam 2 for the black screen, nice one!

Well, I'm in favour and unless anyone strongly objects and talks me out of it before Friday night, I'll set the competition server's up with similar settings and post them here.

Thanks ryuuri.
Ice to see you...

17-07-02, 03:13 PM
MR12 is a really good idea, its alot more of a tactical game. and can give even the weakest of clans a good chance. hmm was that directed at cripplers team

kensai ryuuri
17-07-02, 09:35 PM
Those settings are for 5 vs 5. But they work fine for whatever size squads you want.

fadetoblack is nice It really does mean that no one can monitor h4x

17-07-02, 10:25 PM
Curfish i'll have you know that we beat Mcbains team last time round , and we 'let' you win cause we didnt want to play Kensai

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19-07-02, 04:41 PM
Here is what you will find in the config files for the CS 4 on 4 servers -

mp_timelimit 0
mp_maxrounds 15
mp_roundtime 3
mp_c4timer 35
mp_freezetime 2
mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_fadetoblack 1
mp_autoteambalance 0

Also, just so we have a plan that everyone knows about in advance, so no-one can moan on the day, here is how we will set the teams up depending on how many people are at the event.

30 Players - 6 teams 5 players each

32 Players - 8 teams 4 players each

36 Players - 6 teams 6 players each

40 Players - 8 teams 5 players each

But what happens if there are 33 players, or 39 I hear you ask...

Well, lets use 38 players as an example. In this instance we would have 6 teams of 5 players and 2 teams of 4 players. The two teams with the best rated player would have to go without a member.

In some cases it works the other way, 33 players would mean 7 teams of 4 and 1 team of 5. The team with the worst rated player can have the extra man.

Once in the semi's we can even the numbers again, by adding a player that has been eliminated into a team missing a player, but this player must be in the bottom half of the stats page.

Does that all make sense? If so, please explain it to me
Ice to see you...