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01-09-04, 09:35 AM
We now have the CS:Source Dedicated Server installed and ready for testing on our server.

name = [OLSC] www.olsc.co.uk CS:Source
address =
password = timmah

Have fun, and please report any problems!

01-09-04, 10:55 AM
Are you able to remove the password? Or do you have to have it? I just ask because I'm doubting it will get too busy otherwise, unless we all arrange to go on at a specific time?

01-09-04, 11:00 AM
AFAIK we have to have it as part of our T&C. :(

01-09-04, 11:51 AM
The password is required so we don't exceed our monthly bandwidth and get charged for the extra usage.

We choose to run private (password protected) servers all the time, instead of running a public server for a limited period.

Now if we had a few more paying members (it's only

01-09-04, 12:14 PM

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
01-09-04, 04:23 PM
you can get dedicated CS/DOD/etc servers for considerably less, but this particular package is basically for remote control over a virtual server which, given our wide variety of games played, is the only effective way we could do it (they vetoed my idea of them paying for me to have a T1 line and hosting the server :roll:)

currently iirc we're subsidising the LANs with excess "subscriptions" - and of course subscribers get in for free....

Psycho Hamster
01-09-04, 04:44 PM
Must say CS:s looks pretty with all the graphics settings turned up to max, not as pretty as Farcry but very nice all the same.

I like the way you can shoot cans and stuff and it pings off :)

01-09-04, 08:15 PM
Well - the server and password work ok - rather lonely at the moment though :-(