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25-09-04, 09:38 AM
As many on this forum are, I am a big fan of CSI - the original that is. I am unimpressed with what I have seen from CSI: Miami but that may be due to David Caruso.

Well CSI: New York has aired and the pilot rocked. A very dark style and a story about a serial killer. Gary Sinese plays Mac Taylor who heads up the team which also includes the guy who played Rachel's one time boyfriend, Tag, in Friends. Sinese is superb as the troubled cop whose wife was killed in 9/11.

This episode reminded me so much of the great film Seven so much and was really atmospheric.

The series is totally different to the original and while I still prefer Gil Grissom and his team of investigators, this looks like it could be right up there.


25-09-04, 10:58 AM
Ive got to agree as well, when I first saw the pilot the 1st thing that I noticed is the photography (camera angles and shading), its very atmospheric. The show is much more darker than its counterparts, and I kept having to remind myself that this is a sitcom and not a movie

They really dive into Gary Sinese's workaholich troubled man character from the get go which I like, I do see personality clashes if Gil Grissom ever met Sinese character. I do however still prefer the original csi. and I feel that that this spin off would mainly focus on Gary's char , unlike c.s.i where each character has there own agenda which helped make the show a hit.

my rating 8/10

25-09-04, 05:39 PM
Er - don't think this is a sitcom dude????? :)

25-09-04, 05:41 PM
oh yeah, my bad :( ok replace the word sitcom with the word series

25-09-04, 05:59 PM
haven't seen this, I like the original more than Miami though i do like both. If it's as good as you people say then I should like it more than Miami.

25-09-04, 06:25 PM
you will (hopefully :) ) hunter, everyone should be watching csi, should be like tv religion, as for csi miami im not a big fan of it as well, David Caruso to me is just not beleavable as Horatio Cain, plus he just looks dumb

27-09-04, 07:35 AM
How the hell did i miss this, when was it and what channel??!!! annoyed

27-09-04, 02:59 PM
lol, not to worry smokey it aint out here yet, I heard channel 5 are going to be showing it from next month, so you can still see it. :)

27-09-04, 05:14 PM
We have ways Smokey, we have ways :)

28-09-04, 07:14 AM
Oh you buggers, I'm well jealous. Have you got some sort of special dish that picks up strange and unusual channels!?

Never mind, i will have to wait until Channel 5 pull their fingers out and show it.

28-09-04, 05:44 PM
I gotta admit i am really really looking forward to this. I'm a massive CSI fan (the original) and did watch the Miami episode were they introduced the New York team (about the only miami episode i have watched cause i cant stand the main guy)

29-09-04, 02:26 PM
Don't think you will be disappointed Crip :)

29-09-04, 02:53 PM
Gob new episode will be on 2morrow :)

29-09-04, 03:06 PM
Nice one dude :)

02-10-04, 07:23 PM
Yeah, rub it in

02-10-04, 07:45 PM
omg the 2nd episode was really good, the writers really out did themselves this time I mean searching for a rat that ate some evidence, its a pity you havnt seen it yet smokey :twisted: jk

02-10-04, 09:51 PM
Yeah Bartman - it was a great episode - bullet eating rats and rape in Central Park :rock:

02-10-04, 09:58 PM
its ok smokey your not the only one who hasnt seen it yet and has to put up with these to going on about how good it is all the time :P

03-10-04, 08:35 AM
where are you guys watching this and when?

05-10-04, 12:54 PM
I am choosing to ignore you all!

I have the hump!

05-10-04, 04:29 PM
i got *cough* episodes 1 and 2... When is the 3rd one out, and ast Hunter said, what channel and when do they show it?

05-10-04, 04:42 PM
they show it on weds night meat in the states csi, although I know that some of the tv programmes on cbs have been cancelled (like last weeks episode of csi, that pisses me off as they can use C-span for that) due to the presidential debate :( , but if u got the 1st 2 episodes meat u should be able to get the 3rd one

05-10-04, 04:53 PM
ok thanks dude. Also, if this is our first time watching CSI, we wont lose out will we? Or Is it worth watching the others first?

05-10-04, 05:02 PM
ok csi miami is on mond, which means it come out on tues morn, csi ny is on wed , which comes out thurs and Csi comes out on thurs which means fri release, you dont need to watch the 1st episodes as its a diff case each week, although it helps to get introduced to the characters

05-10-04, 06:07 PM
Just watched the first episode of CSI: NY and all i can say is:

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

05-10-04, 06:13 PM
yeah thats it guys keep on pimping CSI : NY :)

05-10-04, 06:56 PM
your a slave to the CS aaaight!!!

05-10-04, 07:11 PM
Pretty good wasn't it Crip - get the 2nd one too!!

05-10-04, 07:59 PM
yeah just finished that one, was good. Not quite upto the standard of the original CSI but they have only just started so it will only get better with time :)

06-10-04, 02:55 PM
here is the Synopsis for tonights episode

When a tourist discovers a skeleton on a Times Square double-decker tour bus, the CSIs must investigate whether the remains were left there as a practical joke or if the person was murdered. After closely examining the remains, Dr. Hawkes discovers that the victim was likely a Caucasian male teenager who died from a blow to the head more than ten years ago. Their search leads them to a bus station and a missing boy who disappeared in 1987. The team must then piece together the clues to find out how the boy really died and who was to blame.

credit: tvtome.com

06-10-04, 04:35 PM
sounds good. I saw the first one. The one with that crazy russian Dr that locks-in women...Wtf?!

06-10-04, 07:58 PM
another great show to watch that is really doing well in the States is ''Lost'' it deals with a group of strangers that have survived a plane crash on an island nearby Australia, and each person has a dark secret that they have to come to terms with whilst on the island. The creator of this show is J Abrahams (the same dude who did Alias , and now is writing and directing the latest Mission Impossible 3 movie). My 1st take on the show was that it reminded me alot of Steven Kings : The Stand , as well with a touch of Lord of the Flies . frankly this show as well as CSI is Tv crack

here is a another review of the new hit show http://www.aintitcool.com/display.cgi?id=18025

06-10-04, 08:26 PM
the Lost pilot was great :D

Looking forward to the rest of it

06-10-04, 08:53 PM
yeah the pilot was the most expensive show ever made on tv (5 mill)

31-01-05, 08:51 AM
starts on 5 on sat!!!