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29-09-04, 02:36 PM
A Brit winning Wimbledon? About as likely as the Boston Red Sox winning the World Series i.e. they both happened but a long long long time ago.

This is decent enough, well acted and I thought less mushy than other Working Title RomComs such as Love Actually and Notting Hill. Plus this doesn't have Hugh Grant in it - a big plus.

Story is obvious enough - British no-hoper who once choked in a Grand Slam semi-final (sound familiar???) receives a wild card entry to Wimbledon, walks into the wrong hotel room and falls in love with the rising American star, Kirsten Dunst. Can the plucky Brit win the tournament and the girl?? Well if you have seen any sports movies you know the answer.

It was good to see Paul Bettany, who stole the show as Geoffrey Chaucher in A Knight's Tale, in a starring role and he pulls off the job well. Kirsten Dunst is also good and the two have some genuine chemistry on screen. On a very minor and very petty negative the only thing that annoyed me in the 2 Spiderman movies was the was she says Peter. And in this Bettany's character is called Peter!! I know very petty ;)

Overall a decent if predictable movie that would be an excellent date movie. I glad I saw it but glad I didn't pay to see it :)


29-09-04, 02:50 PM
I was watching late night with Conan O brien the other day , and he had Paul Bettany on as a guest and Paul mentioned that they filmed some of the tennis match scenes during last yr's scorching summer, and that they had to full up the some of the seats in the staduim with blow up dolls , and during the heat some of them exploded lol while filming. :)

29-09-04, 04:16 PM
I saw this at the Cast and Crew screening on Sunday 19th (Premiere was on the 20th :/)

Its looked great, and I even got the director (Richard Loncraine) giving a talk about the movie beforehand and thanking the Cast and Crew. :)