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15-10-04, 09:49 AM

Hey all I just saw Team America last night , the film was written and directed by Matt stone ( the creator of south park) anyway the film is all done with puppets and it basically takes the mickey out of some of the action films that have been done by micheal bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, its also takes the piss out of current politcal issues in the States from WMD and the war on terror right down to the actors who oppose it such as Sean Penn , Tim Robbins , Martin Sheen and Helen Hunt these group of actors belong to a group called FAG :) (Film Actors Guild :lol: ) which is headed by (according to them ) the greatest actor of all Alec Baldwin.

The plot is basic: Team America, the world's police, are trying to stop terrorists (all of whom fall under into one generic group, with mutual aims) from using WMDS to destroy the world. Kim Jong-Il is the one supplying the WMDS. They recruit Gary Johnston, a Broadway actor (currently starring in the musical "Lease" (parodying both "Grease" and "Rent") with the catchy title song of "Everyone has AIDS" (I wonder if that song would be nominated for best film song at next yrs Oscars like Blame Canada was). Gary has to act like a terrorist, to lead them to the source. Trouble is, Gary is haunted by the memories of the death of his brother (at the hands of gorillas) as a result of his acting.

This film is expected to get a rating of 17 when its released this weekend in the states due to its graphic puppet contents such as language an strong puppet sex scenes, The theme song for the film is titled ''America -Fuck Yeah'' bottom line I give this film a 8 /10 as they didnt shy away from any issues, and the details on each of the puppets and the whole set was really awesome, to sum it all up its Thunderbirds with ballz

10-06-05, 06:16 PM
I finally watched this. It's good, but I would only give 6 or 7 out of 10. A reasonable enough way to pass an hour and a half, but tbf I only really laughed a few times.