View Full Version : I'm not one to boast (much) but...

23-11-04, 03:31 AM
I rock @ CS:S....It's completely the same as CS apart from fancier grpahics...but the last 3 days I've had soem really monster runs....maybe all the others are noobs who didnt play CS...

I mean I got 200:40 in just 60-odd rounds!!! I took a screen-dump but it didn't work :evil:

And yesterday I got 30:3 and 42:6 :shock:

But that's only with the colt though...the AK sucks :evil:

I hope I can bring my form to the CoF's and Lanarchy's :P

(That fast-switch for the weapons has made a gigantic difference, and I found F2 for auto rebuy very useful too....both which I didn't use in the first one...)

23-11-04, 11:05 AM
its not the same apparently there are no hitboxes and all ths hits are done pixel to pixel

23-11-04, 07:59 PM
ahhh i see what somene else said in game now i didnt udnerstand what they meant by hitboxes at first...i've just twigged