View Full Version : Lanarchy 2 - July 20th

FeArLeSs Dude
20-07-02, 06:34 PM
Well..... What can i say, It was amazing and thorughly enjoyed by me i hope you all did despite UKlans getting 0wnad in the final by me and the kensai dudes hehe doesnt look like i can come to the August one unfortunately as my dad is in holiday in malysia unless of course any1 can take me from bournemouth and take me back again :P

Keep up the good work guys

20-07-02, 07:23 PM
your are a good player m8 and i enjoyed the challenge but one often that night i came out on top.


20-07-02, 09:28 PM
just wanted to say thanx for a great event and ill deffinetly do my best to come to the august event.

kensai onshuu
20-07-02, 10:07 PM
Well played FeArLeSs Dude! I was really impressed with your playing! Plus you're a really kewl little guy

Shame you can't make the next one, but hopefully we'll see you at the others!

P.S. Well played with us!

20-07-02, 10:18 PM
I'd first like to apologise for the problems we had at the beginning, DS's taking time to get up, some guys having problems joining the network etc. Trust me, we'll be analysing what happened to make sure we can avoid it occuring again and maximising the gaming time and fun

Having said that, I really enjoyed myself when we got going and I hope you all did too.

Thanks to UKLans for their monster 9 man turn out, most of kensai and Fealress for travelling so far, and everyone else who attended to make the day as much fun as it was.

Keep your eyes on the forum and news page for details of the August event (probably Sat Aug 31st and Sun Sept 1st at Parmiters again) and please, please post any comments or suggestions you have for us to work on
Ice to see you...

20-07-02, 10:30 PM
Well I just logged on to start a thread about how everyone thought it'd gone only to find y'all discussing it at length already

I would like to add my apologies to McBain's, we really weren't as well prepared as we'd liked to have been and we were a bit worried it was all gonna go pear shaped for a while there. I'm glad folk still managed to enjoy themselves!

The live stats seemed to be a bit flaky too (they must have been, 'cos I ended up top...), we tried tracking by IP address this time (tracked by player name last time) and that may have been a factor (docs claim it is an experimental feature). The final stats will be up on the website before to long but we may devote some time to examining log files in the meantime...

Also, great screenshot at the end there , expect a new Lanarchy desktop on the website soon.


FeArLeSs Dude
21-07-02, 07:35 AM
who cares that the server was down for a bit it gave us time to talk and mix with other cs players and Curfish i think i had you more han you had me so....


FeArLeSs Dude
21-07-02, 07:40 AM
thnx onshuu your a really kewl big guy as well as well as you fellow clan mates if theres ever a space in kensai me woul like to join

kensai ryuuri
21-07-02, 05:09 PM
gd day again, wp Fearless our lil ninja along with wp everyone.

I travelled from near Manchester anyway

kensai *should* be at the next one again, so hopefully we can keep our winning streak.

Kensai will have our finished website up soon, along with forums (yay) so i expect some nice posts on them ( we have a LANs section so free advertising there tbh ).

23-07-02, 08:44 PM
Cool, post the url when the site's up.


kensai ryuuri
23-07-02, 10:47 PM

our temp site, forgot to add the url