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14-12-04, 10:17 PM
I loved Oceans 11. It was chic, cool, clever and it genuinely looked like the actors enjoyed making it. It also helped I saw it on its opening night in Las Vegas, walked out of the cinema and there was the Bellagio.

This has the same actors as the first with all the cast returning, plus the addition of Catherine Zeta Jones, the same Director and the same crew.

But this is a very unsatisfying movie. It isnt as good as the first, in fact not even close. It is a decent story in which Andy Garcia's borderline psychotic casino owner tracks down Danny Ocean's crew and gives them 2 weeks to replay his stolen money plus interest. Of course being 3 years later they have spent most of it so have to plan another heist (3 in fact) to pay him back. But most of it seemed contrived and apart from a few nice cameos (Robbie Coltrane, Eddie Izzard and Bruce Willis) it pretty much seemed to be Heist by the numbers.

Matt Damon's character is totally annoying, Elliot Gould doesnt have enough screen time and this is more a Brad Pitt movie than a George Clooney movie and it is poorer for that.

There are some nice scenes involving Julia Robert's character Tess impersonating Julia Roberts in an attempt to get close to a Faberge Egg but overall I was disappointed.

5/10 - Watchable

15-12-04, 10:12 AM
But isn't Bernie Mac in it, that must improve it slightly?

15-12-04, 10:15 AM
For about a minute properly - a lot less that the original and there is nothing to compare with the 'Cracker' scene