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18-01-05, 01:30 PM
First of all (as per CS post), appologies for the long absence... Just had too much on the go with trips to OZ, Xmas, LANS and new hosting and now servers to sort... :D

Anyway, some good news for any of you if you are interested. (as per OLSC and our forums)

Not wishing to take anything away from the servers out there which you might already be using, but I'd like to let you know that I've sorted an online server of my own, mainly to help build interest for the X-LANS (Previously IXL) LAN events I run, but essentially its still an Online DoD : server. Anyway, your all more than welcome to hop on for a few gg's if you want somewhere sensible to play other than the usual servers if they are full.

Currently 24 Slots with AMX. We are amending the map rotation as we speak to suit, as it still has default maps atm.

FF is also on.

Anyway, here is the ip if your interested and want to add it to your favs:

NEW IP is :cool:

Any issues about the server should be posted on our forum at http://www.x-lans.co.uk

I thank you ! (PS we also have a second server for CS : Source. See the other post for IP )

01-02-05, 11:06 AM
Going to try and get this server sorted with some decent maps this week. If anyone has any favs, let me know and I'll add or amend them to the mapcycle. Cheers.

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
01-02-05, 11:52 AM
de_cbble ;)

01-02-05, 04:29 PM
as long as it ain't office.....close range tripe...

[OLSC]Papa Smurf
01-02-05, 04:59 PM
methinks skav missed the point (for a change?)

01-02-05, 05:05 PM
you want custard and switch :twisted:

01-02-05, 06:31 PM
All I would ask/recommend is two things -

1) Provide a download link and advertise it somewhere on the server so people will go download it from a site, rather than from the server :thumbs: (Preferably in one big zip file, rather than 10 seperate ones ;) )

2) Be flexible ;) A lot of custom map chosing (I presume your talking custom maps?) is a matter of trial and error. Stick some maps in, see how people react to them. If folk don't like a map, ditch it and try something else :thumbs:

Sometimes in the past, CoF had nights (or parts of a LAN) dedicated to trying different maps. Kick the ones no-one likes, keep the best ones :) Just an idea...

02-02-05, 12:01 PM
We use the Kustom Kettle maps from http://www.kustomkettle.com/ they are usually pretty good as only the best maps get into the map cycle.

They also produce nice install programs! :thumbs: