View Full Version : Favourite TV Comedy Character Of All Time

20-02-05, 11:44 AM
Who is yours and why?

If you have a preference that isn't listed, please post it. I may add it to the list for you ;)

There are of course hundreds of great characters that have appeared in TV shows over the years. Here I'm looking for those real 'characters' that push the bounds of beleivability (is that a word) but we allow them because they are just so funny.

For me, I'm trying to decide between Trigger and Kramer. I think my vote has to go to Kramer. Although Trigger possibly has some better lines ( 'Alright Dave', 'I've had this brush 17 years. Its only had 19 new heads and 17 new handles' ) etc. I have to think Kramer is the funnier actual character.

20-02-05, 12:56 PM
mine would be old Cozmo Kramer :)

Sir Kunmskull
20-02-05, 01:18 PM
mine is not on the list and would have to be lister from red dwarf i have just got all 8 seriers on dvd. This is probably one of britians all time best comdies

20-02-05, 01:32 PM
There is no doubt Red Dwarf is one of the best comedies ever (IMO - maybe not including the last couple of series) but I'm not convinced any one particualr character is fantastic. The storylines, jokes and chemistry between the characters is what makes it. I couldn't see a spin of comedy featuring just Lister being anywhere near as good as Red Dwarf. Anyone else think Lister should be included?

20-02-05, 03:11 PM
I think there's an argument to be made that the series was really all about Lister, certainly when you read the books everything is there for his benefit, but TBH my favourite Red Dwarf character is Cat :)

What about Baldrick? And also maybe Niles from Frasier?


20-02-05, 04:24 PM
No denying it was all about Lister, I just don't think his character itself was what made the show. I would probably agree that Cat was the best character. 'It's my shiny thing, you can't have my shiny thing!'

I was on the verge of putting Baldrick in myself, but again, I wasn't sure his character was strong enough? I think I would say the same thing of Niles. Is Niles really that different from Frasier himself? I think perhaps the best character from Frasier, for me, is Bulldog :thumbs:

21-02-05, 01:18 AM
The funniest 'friend' was Chandler. Joey was just daft. (And probably still is, though I couldn't comment as I haven't seen Joey)

I voted for the large yellow one., though Fletch from Porridge deserves a mention.