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02-08-02, 04:05 PM
Yeah, the plan was/is for various different LAN organisers to pool resources and set up one big LAN/patry near Xmas.

So far I have only really got 2 LAN's saying they are interested, our good friends ar UKLans of course and Alchemy who e-mailed me saying they would probably be interested.

PlanetLAN posted news of this idea on their front page yesterday, so lets see if it drums up a little more interest...

Good to hear you would provide your gaming skills if we can get this thing of the ground
Ice to see you...

kensai ryuuri
02-08-02, 11:41 PM

I was just wondering on your cristmas LAN event. It says that you will meet with other LAN teams and have a lil tourney?

Does that mean u will take a few people from the LANarchy LANs along with you to compete with your team?

Im sure us kensai will give you a helping hand if thats the case.

kensai ryuuri
02-08-02, 11:43 PM

my new msn: kensai_ryuuri@hotmail.com