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19-01-03, 01:35 PM
With Lanarchy 7 (http://www.lanarchy/events/index.html) being sponsored by Thrustmaster we are going to run a slightly different competition.


With one of the prizes being a F1 Force Feedback Racing Wheel (http://europe.thrustmaster.com/products/d_prd.php?p=T129&fam=4) we would like to have some kind of racing competition.

At present the only racing games we have are Midtown Madness II, eRacer and Re-Volt. Based on this, the tournament would probably be held on eRacer. It can be found (sometimes) in Game for a fiver or [url=http://www.game.uk.com/review.asp?tab=pc&rev_id=138707]ordered from them online for

19-01-03, 06:23 PM
re-volt always the best :D

Peter Piper
25-01-03, 09:19 PM
True, but E-Racer sounds cool as well, not forgetting Porsche 2000 or NFS 5 as they call it. Will get practicing :D

25-01-03, 09:58 PM
It will almost definatly be eRacer, as I think I may be able to install it for those who wish to play it for the day :wink:

I'll give some more details once I've worked it out. Will either be, 3 or 4 qualification rounds with the top 4 going through to a semi where the same thing is done to decide the final or....some kind of continual elimination in the style of the WWE Royal Rumble. Everyone draws numbers, 1 to 8 start...the last 1 or 2 in the race are dropped and 9 and 10 join the next race. This goes on until the last 2 drivers join and we gradually eliminate everyone down to the last 2 drivers who then race it out...

The second way sounds fun, but perhaps isn't all that practical. It could mean about 14 races or more, and it is a little biased to whoever draws the last few numbers.

04-02-03, 07:20 PM
Exact details can only be confirmed on the day when I know exactly how many people will be taking part. Here are the tracks to be used for each round -

Elimination Round - Freight Yard

Semi Final - Military Base

Final - Storm Drain

If we only have 8 racers then of course there will just be one final. If we have anywhere up to 16 racers we will only be using the later two tracks. Any more than 17 racers and we will use Freight Yard as an elimination round to get down to 16 for the semi's. From there, the top 4 will go through to the final. Simple :)

If anyone doesn't have the necessary tracks and wishes to practise, please let me know and I can e-mail them in advance. :thumbs: