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19-01-03, 08:05 PM
Our first ever Sunday event will take place on the 16th of Febraury and bookings have now started (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/booking.html). The venue will once again be Parmiters Sixth Form Centre (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/events/venue.html), the venue used for L3 (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/events/previous/aug2002.html).

As usual things will start at 10am and continue on for 12 hours. Thrustmaster have stepped forward to sponsor this one, offering up a great looking tactical board and a Force Feedback F1 Wheel that any driving game enthusiast would love to have.

The buffet will be available all day and competitions with prizes will be organised, all in the booking fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)

27-01-03, 03:51 PM
Me and my m8 were thinking of coming to Lanarchy on Feb 16th.

couple of questions remain...

Definitly a UT2003 deathmatch tourny on?
Prizes are?? stearing wheel and joypad???
how many can enter this DM???
how many players usually come to this event?

27-01-03, 04:04 PM
Hi there :)

You might be best off to have look through our pictures (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/lanpics.html)and read the reports of the previous events (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/events/previous/).

To answer your questions specifically -

Definitly a UT2003 deathmatch tourny on?
Yes, but it is usually only 20 or 30 minutes, one off game. Don't expect we will all be playing UT the whole day. We generally play whatever people want to play, which usually means quite a bit of CS and BF1942 :)

Prizes are?? stearing wheel and joypad???
Yup. The Steering wheel will be a prize for an eRacer competition. The Tactical board may be raffled in a similar style to our last event. Eveyone would get a few raffle tickets when they arrive. More can be won by winning the competitions and they would also be sold for maybe 50p.

There will be other prizes, Anarchy Online, Endless Ages, some ATi mouse mats and anything else we can find laying about.

how many can enter this DM???
If demand is high, we will simply have two elimination rounds with the top players going through to the final.

how many players usually come to this event?
It varies from event to event. Current average would be 22, we have 19 provisionally booked already.

Is it only UT2003 you play?

07-02-03, 10:24 PM
Here's a kind of, 'unofficial' schedule for the day -

12noon-2pm - CS 4 on 4

3pm-4pm - eRacer

4pm-7pm - Battlefield CTF League

8pm-9pm - UT2003 DM

I say unofficial because it's kinda a different format to how we've had competitions in the past (when we've stretched them out through the day). With each competition being completed before we move on to the next, it should make things move a bit swifter giving us more time to play whatever everyone wants.

If anyone has any comments, suggestions or complaints about this schedule, let me know now :)

10-02-03, 06:58 PM
the ut2003 tournys a little late ill be tired and wont stand a chance

10-02-03, 10:33 PM
the ut2003 tournys a little late ill be tired and wont stand a chance

But that would be the same of any competition at that time? Also, everyone else will have been gaming for the same amount of time so it's still a level playing field. :)

10-02-03, 11:45 PM
Btw, I have been asked by 3 or 4 people about games they don't have... Some people don't have UT2003 for example. Don't worry, I'm sure there will be people on the CS or BF servers :)

15-02-03, 04:37 PM
Here's the floor plan -


Only possible variation is table 1/2 will be moved into line with 2-8, as will table 9/10 with tables 11-16

There are basically 3 large groups -

CoF Seats 20-30

SEL Seats 1-7

Pilgrim & Co Seats Seats 13-16

The singular bookings can be worked out tomorrow morning :)

15-02-03, 10:52 PM
great, well can i request to sit with the cof on staff please :)

17-02-03, 11:03 AM
Thanks to everyone that came yesterday, hope you all had a great day. Shame about so many people pulling out :(

Hope to see you all again soon. :thumbs:

17-02-03, 05:28 PM
Hey all, had a great time on Sunday :D wish i could of stay longer.
BTW the photos not work :?:

17-02-03, 07:07 PM
yep i had a great time as well. Too bad that some guys missed out. It was some real kick ass fun!! :D

Cant wait till the next one!! :wink:

17-02-03, 07:10 PM
pics r working apart from the menu links seem to muck up?

well played simon in ut2003

was the end result

17-02-03, 08:35 PM
I'll get you next time :twisted: .
Mcbain whats wrong with the Picture :?:

17-02-03, 10:20 PM
Try the pics now... two missing pages :?

17-02-03, 11:34 PM
The pictures work now but the is a folder called movies that dont work :(

18-02-03, 04:47 PM
Bugger, I forgot to edit that folder out the second time round :? I'll have to do it later.

Unforunately all the movies are just over 68meg and would be a bit much for my host...

19-02-03, 10:57 PM
well thanks again for another great event

My thanks 2:

McBain, Winter, Brikke, Scooby, Crip, HellRage for orgranising

Simple_Simon, for the UT2003 Comp great game

Mince for that conversation before i went


19-02-03, 11:00 PM
I almost completely forgot about the Lanarchy Champion! Congratulations to Sc00bywho managed to score 30 points, edging HUNTER by 2 points. That eRacer victory proved vital for Sc00bs :)

19-02-03, 11:13 PM
ahh s**t lol sooo close

19-02-03, 11:16 PM
I almost completely forgot about the Lanarchy Champion! Congratulations to Sc00bywho managed to score 30 points, edging HUNTER by 2 points. That eRacer victory proved vital for Sc00bs :)





19-02-03, 11:17 PM
lol and i walked with the prize shame mcbain didnt forget bout that lol

nice work scooby

20-02-03, 01:03 AM
A Big thanks to everyone who was at Lanarchy 7, i really enjoyed myself and sounds like you all did too!

Congrats to Hunter for his UT2003 victory & his performance in the eRacer final to win the Steering wheel, Mace for winning the Tactical Board.

Also Congrats to Scooby for becoming Lanarchy Champion! Yes Scobs you did win something! nice one m8 :) Also a big congrats to Briktopp for some of the most annoying driving i have ever seen in the eracer final :)

Not sure if i can make Lanarchy 8, but if i can i hope to see everyone there 8)

And the biggest Thank you so far to the Lanarchy team for organising this greatly enjoyable lan event!

20-02-03, 06:27 PM
i heard about that and thank brikke for that lol

hope to see u @ L8 sit oppisite u again have a laugh

oh if winter reads this u can stick ur luck up ur arse lol :P