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25-01-03, 04:54 PM
If there is any one out there that is looking for a Clan to join then <SEL> is looking for a few good players that can play Counter-strike and Battlefiled 1942.

25-01-03, 06:41 PM
Not that I am likely to be leaving my beloved CoF :smokin: but what sort of matches and leagues does <SEL> play in? How serious are they? Do you have to register and things?

All I'm wondering is, I wouldn't mind some competitive BF1942 and I'm fairly sure Magman wouldn't either. Lanarchy now has a server you/we could practice on, but I don't know how much time I could commit to practices. Basically, if you need an extra guy or two now and then, and it's within the rules, some CoF guys may be interested in helping out :)

Peter Piper
25-01-03, 09:12 PM
Attending your Lan event in January made us see how serious gaming really is. I met some gamers who have been playing games as long as me. I won't mention them cos they were frightened about age and who was the oldest Gamer there. I will say we went back as far as the Spectrum and Comm 64.

<SEL> or South East London (thought of that name on the day) are a group of Gamers who play online and occasionally at some small events either together or against each other. Some of the members are or were in other Clans and have distinguished themselves with some high rankings. But after your event and slightly losing the CS and BF events, (with our beta Clan) we have decided to take things a bit more serious. It's why we are now recruiting

No one has to register with us, just let us know what games they play, where, when and for how long. I am building an online games server but sometimes time is not on my side so we will use existing servers as it's easier.

If anyone needs to contact us then they can either see us at your events, contact us here or visit my web site http://www.aorb20.dsl.pipex.com/. Site hasn't been updated yet due to host but will be doing it soon. Also if a player installs the All Seeing Eye and just type in out tag then they will find some or all of us.

Either: <SEL> Peter Piper, <SEL> Simple_Simon or [ -DJ- ] Peter Piper, Lt Peter Piper or Gen Simple_Simon

We play: BF 1942, Natural Selection, CS, UT 2003, SOF II, OPFP and many others including flight sims

We will also take you up on your offer of practicing on your server, so will see you there :twisted:

09-02-03, 01:14 AM
Hows the recruiting going?

Have you got a website or a forum?

09-02-03, 08:43 PM
Its going alrite, we have recruitied three people but sadly two of them can dont make it to the next Lan :( but we will fight on.
We anit got a site yet but its all coming sood.
So watch this space :D

09-02-03, 10:46 PM
Cool, let us know as soon as you have a site then :)

Also, if you want a forum hosting, just let us know...

25-03-03, 10:34 PM
Try posting on UK counter-strike forums and stuff like that, you will get alot of replies that way.

Good Luck Guys, hope 2 see you at the next LAN. You were great fun to play against and good luck.

26-03-03, 02:38 PM
crap ur not wanting ut2003 plays, shame :D

Peter Piper
28-03-03, 07:26 PM
crap ur not wanting ut2003 plays, shame :D

Hi Hunter
lol, we do and will see when we get there......lol

28-03-03, 10:10 PM
well i can beat Simple so :D

28-03-03, 11:15 PM
well i can beat Simple so

Only by 2 points :twisted:

29-03-03, 07:10 AM
thats still beating u is it not?