View Full Version : Analysing Text Files

13-05-05, 07:47 AM
Basically, I want something that can take all the logs from the server and analyse them to see which maps get extended the most. I figure this is the best way to see which maps are the most popular.

I supose if its possible to know which ones get voted for is a good way to, but I'm sure people vote for maps they have never played before, just because they want to see them, therefor not necessarily a good measure of how much people like the map. Map extensions are when people have seen the map and are enjoying it, so maybe a better measure?

I'd love a plugin that lets people vote while playing, I know one server where you can do that, but I think they are quite happy keeping that plugin to themselves :roll:

13-05-05, 10:08 PM
Other than a text search for the 'extend' string I can't think of anything off hand.

Sometimes log files will go into Excel as csv files, btu having never seen a CS log file I don't know if these will...

14-05-05, 12:20 AM
Is there a single line in the log which will have 'extend' (or some other keyword) and the map name? This ought to be a fairly simple thing to do on Linux with grep and some command line finangling, at least it ought to be fairly simple once you've figured out how to do it the first time...