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13-05-05, 09:08 AM
Two new maps and many bot bug-fixes are coming this evening. The new maps will be added to our custom map server rotation, atleast until we become bored with them ;)

Included in todays update -


New map: de_inferno
New map: de_port
Updated Counter-Terrorists player model with new headgear and color scheme
C4 red flash displays properly if the bomb is planted under water now
C4 explosion damage is no longer affected by water
When a map is loaded, an associated .cfg file is automatically evaluated. This cfg file must be located in the cstrike/maps/cfg folder and be named <mapname>.cfg. For instance, the file cstrike/maps/cfg/de_dust.cfg will be evaluated when the map de_dust is loaded. This is useful for per-map rules, bot rosters, etc.
Added new route to roof of hostage shack in cs_compound, and improved bot navigation in the map
Players must now target another player for at least a half second before the player ID text hint shows up
Grates/chain link fences no longer affect bullets
Counter-Strike player ragdolls are now affected by ragdoll magnets
Fixed a bot crash caused by finding too many hiding spots in a region
Bots no longer attack enemies that are very far away unless they have a sniper rifle, or the enemies are shooting at them. Instead, they track the enemy and move to a better attack position
Bots understand +use doors now and will pause to open a door before continuing through it on their way to whatever they were doing
Bots use less CPU now, especially when in combat with far away enemies
Extended the syntax of the bot_add, bot_kick, and bot_kill commands to also accept "t" or "ct" arguments.
Fixed bug where bots would stop and become unresponsive if they wanted to hide in an area with no hiding spots
Improved bot navigation on the windows and ledges of cs_italy
Fixed recording value of cl_interp in demo files and restore value during playback

Source Engine

HTTP downloads from the game server system support downloading .bz2-compressed files
Disable old style (non-challenged) server queries by default (use the sv_enableoldqueries cvar to change this behavior)
Added cvar tv_delaymapchange to delay map changes caused by frag/time limit until the whole game is broadcasted via SourceTV
Fixed lag compensation invalidating bone cache for players moved back in time.
Fixed lag compensation interpolation error between 2 ticksHaving to wait a second before players ID hints pop up will be interesting. We'll see if team wounding becomes a more common thing :roll: :side:

I'm just testing the HTTP download of compressed files, as this could make it even quicker for people to join the server and get in on the custom map action :thumbs:

13-05-05, 09:22 AM
should be interesting, how big is the update???

th .bz2 sounds good, too bad they didn't include it from the start, like in COD with their zipped files.