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13-05-05, 11:10 AM
I've had a quick play with the bots, at present I can't say I'm exactly hooked on the map :?


There is a tunnel system that I haven't really explored properly just yet, but the bombsites seem a bit of a treck from one to the other, making it a bit easier for T's when smaller numbers are playing. I kind of wonder what is the point of the big warehouse near bombsite B too? (Unless there is a way to get on the roof... now that could be useful)

You often have to run round fences and walls when you would normally expect a cunningly placed ladder to be there, to help you out.

At present I can't see it staying on the server for long.

13-05-05, 11:12 AM
i must admit that from that screenie, it looks a bit lame. Maby some one will mod it some day to have all of the features that are missing.

13-05-05, 05:00 PM
I have had a play and there is a way for the CTs to get into the warehouse - I have gone through some of the tunnels and I suspect that they would be useful, especially if you could get under the A bombsite :-)

As usual there are various ways, though I found that playing bots it would start off in a rush battle where all the bots get to shoot each other, then the survivor(s) run around trying to find me since I would go elsewhere :-)

fighting just bots on my own 'server' I got a rocking round where as a CT I got a commando and was obliterating the T's as they came down the ramp - bit of a silly part of the map if the T's are careless.