View Full Version : Lanarchy 4 - Lanarchy @ Liverpool Street

25-08-02, 08:16 PM

St Helens Place (nr. Liverpool Street Station - EC1)


October 12th & 13th (Saturday noon through to Sunday 5pm)

Available Spaces

20 spaces still available



All the usual (toilet, kitchen...)

20 21" TFT Monitors (the first to book wont need to bring monitors )

T1 Connection (I think it's T1)

A nearby Tesco Metro

A Lanarchy Cam (hopefully the event can be watched real time on our website - now wont that be interesting )


Both Days only

26-08-02, 09:23 AM
That looks fecking smart. The second day is my birthday (big up).

If anybody else goes for this I'll go

27-08-02, 07:05 PM
It's a great venue. Really. And get your names down early those monitors are amazing...

Mark - who's already got one of dem dere monitors booked (I hope!)

28-08-02, 12:07 PM
Jsut depends if anybody from Dav is going, also depends if I've moved before then.

24-09-02, 10:59 PM
Just looking for others that might be interested in some Soldier of Fortune 2: Double Helix, MOHAA, and RtCW action at the next event. If you are interested, please email me at Stabzz@ntlworld.com so that we can set up some great gaming sessions and maybe get some practice on-line together prior to the event!

kensai ryuuri
25-09-02, 08:02 PM
Sorry we couldn't make #3, but we are back with more practice for #4

Although only 3 of us this time, but our friend cannon is going weee

Im also helping organise the CS tournament with McBain i believe, so I will be posting a list of stuff soon for that (if McBain o.k's all my stuff )

FeArLeSs Dude
25-09-02, 08:16 PM
also im coming hopefully if mcbain lets me

26-09-02, 11:16 AM
Are you coming both days fearless?
Ice to see you...

27-09-02, 02:56 PM
Don't get to play against Kensai (Won't be able to make it down)

Might end up playing ya at the WCG though, so you never know :P

27-09-02, 05:06 PM
Btw, is anyone up for some Madden 2002?

Haven't bothered with 2003 yet, due to it not having an online franchise mode
Ice to see you...