View Full Version : Herbie & Breast Reductions

07-06-05, 08:49 AM
Its quite funny, only yesterday I was watching that advert where the guy backs his old VW Beetle into something, then next thing you know he's sat in a bright orange new VW Beetle and I was thinking 'I'm suprised no-one has made a new Herbie film, with a new style Beetle'

Anyway, then I see this article (http://www.examiner.ie/breaking/story.asp?j=11109906&p=yyyx996x&n=11110020&x=), which I actually followed because it was something about breasts :side: and it turns out there will be a new Herbie film! Even worse than that, the lead female in it has had her jubbs digitally reduced and her neck line raised :cry:

Psycho Hamster
07-06-05, 05:37 PM
They are using the original VW Beatle though, not one of the new ones.

See a trailer for it here....