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kensai ryuuri
27-09-02, 09:41 PM

Well as McBain has let me do some of the organising for the #4 Tournament, we agreed together to run 2 tournaments. One will be a knockout based 3 vs 3 the other a 5 vs 5 league. I think McBain will be sorting the league based one, so in this post I will detail the 3 vs 3 knockout.

Basically we are going to be doing a 3 vs 3 MR6 dual elimination brackets system. This means that there will be 3 people per team, and 6 rounds per side (you play both CT and T) to a possible of 12 rounds.

In the tournament you have 2 lives, and 2 brackets representing them - the winners bracket, and the losers bracket. Everyone starts in the winners bracket, if you lose a game you get put into the losers bracket and lose one of your lives. If you lose again in the losers bracket you are out of the tournament.

Its quite an effective system. The only downfall is that the "king" losing team that wins all their losing bracket games, faces the winning team in the final. The winning team only has to win once as they have both lives, but the losers have to win twice.

As for deciding on the brackets, we could either seed clans or randomly draw them out of a hat. Judging by McBain's figures there will be about 8 3 vs 3 groups, which should make a good tournament. All games will be played on the saturday until the final 2 teams remain from the winner and loser brackets. Then this game will take place on the sunday as a grand final

Maps that are to be used are in order:

Winner bracket
de_aztec (final map)

Loser bracket
de_aztec (final map)

For the techies and interested peeps among you, here are the server settings:

mp_maxrounds 6
mp_fadetoblack 1
mp_friendlyfire 1
mp_timelimit 0
mp_roundtime 3
mp_forcechasecam 2
mp_limitteams 0
mp_tkpunish 0
mp_autoteambalance 0

If this all confuses you don't worry, it will all be drawn up on a whiteboard at the event - just remember you have 2 lives

I will let McBain explain the league setup

28-09-02, 06:08 AM
Thanks ryuuri.

The league format is to ensure everyone has something to play for, spread over both days. The teams of 5 will be mixed up (thoughts on what to do if your sat next to someone on the team your playing are welcome ) to try and make it fairly even.

In each game there will be a 'home' team and an 'away' team. The home team will choose the map, which they initially play as CT on. Best of X amount of rounds (X to be decided when time factors have been weighed up) is played and then the home team switches to T to play the same map.

Win = 3 pts
Draw = 1 pt

A standard league will then be played. With hopefully everyone playing 16 games (each other twice home and twice away) but again, maybe only 8, depending how much time we spend with the knockout tourney and how long we are playing Battlefield 1942

Comments and suggestions are always welcome
Ice to see you...

06-10-02, 05:49 AM
The events schedule is on the website, but I'm wondering if it is too full?

Would people rather a bit more free time to play whatever they like?

I'm basically thinking to remove the CS League to free some time up, then slightly move some of the other competitions.

I know some people will be looking forward to some big battles with as many people on the Battlefield server at once

Post your thoughts...
Ice to see you...

06-10-02, 12:49 PM
Quote: I know some people will be looking forward to some big battles with as many people on the Battlefield server at once

Are you running the BF 1942 server from the retail version or the demo version?
And can you connect to one from the other?

06-10-02, 01:01 PM
The server will be the retail version...SO GO BUY IT NOW SOLDIER!

You can't connect using the demo

There may be ways around it, but I wouldn't count on it, just in case...
Ice to see you...

06-10-02, 01:07 PM
Well that's cool, cos I've already bought it! :P

Just not actually installed it yet. Wanted to check which version I needed installed before I did it!

I was pretty certain that one wouldn't talk to t'other!