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BaD bOy
25-05-02, 08:47 AM
will there be any spare computers that i could use cause i cant seem to take mine and i have a laptp which is nto working propely so will there be any on the day i know you have answereed this in the F.A.Q but i would just like to know how amny and if its deffinite etc....

25-05-02, 08:32 PM
It can't really be definite at this stage, but...depending on if I have to lend 1 or 2 computers to the Lanarchy staff, there may be a computer or two spare.

Ask again nearer the time
Ice to see you...

BaD bOy
27-05-02, 04:30 PM
ok guys i could not be able to transport my computer to the lanarchy sos ill have to borrow one of yours or i wont be able to come i will most probaly attend the one in august so try and reserver me one if you can thnk a lot

Ed 101
03-06-02, 12:54 PM
Are you guys suppyling the screens or do we have to haul them up parmiters?

03-06-02, 08:34 PM
Sorry, we haven't got 30 monitors

We have got one or two though, the first few folks that ask for them, we can probably supply them.

Where are you coming from Ed? Do you drive, or have to take public transport? (Cause we will try and arrange lifts for as many as we can)
Ice to see you...

FeArLeSs Dude
17-06-02, 08:35 PM
can you pick me up from bournemouth hehe