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14-10-02, 08:02 AM
I personally thoroughly enjoyed the event, the time seemed to fly by and the need for sleep was a lot lower than I thought it would be (maybe that was due to all the Hypermints I had? - thanks Energypimp.co.uk )

The competitions seemed generally smooth, apart from the buggy Kanonball Cup which never went ahead. How about a FIFA tournament next time, just for something a bit different? A simple 3 on 3 knockout competition perhaps...

Also, maybe a RTS tournament of some kind, for a change of pace? Age of Empires seems to be the most commonly played of these games. It would be quite simple, teams of 2, 4 teams play a game at once, 3 or 4 elimination games, the winners go through to a final.

Anyway, those are my thoughts what are yours?
Ice to see you...

14-10-02, 06:04 PM
had a great time at Lan4 tbh well pld to all the admins and to the venue host

im only realy up on HL mods, but what about considering digital paintball? ( www.digitalpaintball.net/ )

tis a great laf

14-10-02, 08:15 PM
I thought it was a great event. Great fun!

I like the sound of a AoE tourny, the only down side could be time as a 'quick' game of AoE can take an hour and a protracted game could take many hours...

How about Madden?


14-10-02, 08:50 PM
I'll check out digital paintball as soon as I get a chance

As far as AoE is concerned, there are ways to keep the game lengths short, besides, we would hopefully only need 2 rounds, so even if a round took 2 hours...it's still not too bad...

Madden would be good, but it's one of those games that a) takes a little getting used to b) can be very much dependant on what team you are playing with.
Ice to see you...

kensai ryuuri
14-10-02, 08:53 PM
Great day, the card is running nice I think I going to upgrade my mobo and processor to get the best out of it

Wp all, bit less BF next time Ruin's meh cs aim

15-10-02, 08:04 AM
LOL How can Ryu claim that BF ruins his CS aim - that was gonna be our excuse for losing...

Enjoyed it, although you REALLY don't want to play me at FIFA (just look at the credits of any of the games from 96 to 2000 for the reason why.... ) Although I haven't played it since, and ISS is blatantly a better football game...

Must confess I still have a hankering for some full on CS - 5 on 5, proper ECSL stylee matches. But I can get over it...

15-10-02, 04:53 PM
I'm guessing if I find my old FIFA I'll see your name in there somewhere.

Too bad I couldn't make it down for this one, wanted to kick Tau's ass

Hope everybodies coming up to Uklans on the 26th or else, well, or else I'll be lonely :P

16-10-02, 08:21 PM
The report of the October event is uploaded here (http://www.lanarchy.co.uk/events/previous/oct2002.html) :)

16-10-02, 09:15 PM
Hi, i have not yet been to one of yer events yet :cry:

I didnt manage to go to last one.

Is the next one going to be in London?

I hope so as i am really deperate to show off me skills(eeek!) and have a laugh where me mum cant say "thats not real socialising" :wink:

Anyways! Looks wicked fun and i hope to see y'all soon!

Poomtang - Horsham, West Sussex

16-10-02, 09:20 PM
Yeah, it is likely to be Central London again.

18-10-02, 11:40 AM
Warcraft 3, Jedi Knight 2, Unreal Tournament: Tactical Ops

Gotta play these :)

although I only play cs,,,,kensai might be 'developing' :o Ive said too much already idle in our irc to find out more ;)

22-10-02, 08:59 AM
Keep on meaning to get to your events, ....

I would echo Wasters comments, i'd really be very interested in playing in a decent 5v5 CS tourny, some BF1942, maybe a litte Unreal Tourny...

anything else is just a bonus. Oh and, to echo your other post McBain, there is no way i'd ever be able to attend a two dayer, a single day is enough for me !

edit: although 5v5 with Kensai attending might be a little demoralising. ;)