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18-08-05, 01:07 AM
Ok, since I have started playing on cs_assault i've uncovered a number of bugs, some more obvious than others. I thought I should list them here so that everyone is a little more informed:

1) Near the main entrance, there is a pipe running from the ground to the wall adjacent to the main door of the warehouse. It's possible to become stuck here when jumping in between the shed and the pipe. (usually from the overpass)

2) You can access an area that's out of bounds near the CT spawn. Once there, the 'nodraw' tool used when making maps enables you to clearly see through the wall of a scenic building. The rooftop is accessible by doing the following: As you leave CT spawn, climb the stairs to the over pass, and follow the rail tracks back to the CT spawn direction. There is a small ledge at the end of the overpass. The adjacent wall is covered by a fence, designed to stop players crossing the gap between the overpass and the buildings at CT spawn, however it fails. It's possible to reach the building on the other side, and the nodraw brushed walls enable you to see people who cannot see you.

3) This is quite a strange bug - and I have only had it happen once, by accident. It MAY be possible to reach the roof without exiting the warehouse by normal methods using this bug. Here's my experience of this bug: As you enter through the warehouse main door, if you look to your right you will see a red cargo container. At the start of the round, I was standing on the catwalk/balcony and another player was standing on the container. Since he was crouched, I jumped over him to head to the control room, but as I jumped over him, he stood up (or jumped, i'm not sure), causing me to clip through the roof. I could see the top of the roof, and the outside scenery for a brief moment before falling again. I know that to keep maps less power hungry, designers use small shortcuts, such as the 'nodraw' tool mentioned above. In older versions of CS it was possible to gain access to the roof in this way, and I suspect if two or more people attempt to access the roof by this method it may work. This needs to be tested though. If the bug does exist, it wouldn't be difficult to edit the map and make the change, but that would need to be done by Valve.

4) This isn't really a bug, more of a 'secret area'. There is a ledge that's accessible by boosting another player from the roof (above the side alley) across to the scenery on the other side. I've seen a few people camping here, and as it's not common, if you exit the warehouse via back door you're unlikely to be able to counter this quickly enough.

5) Same as above, this isn't really a bug, but it's a little deviant. You can access the roof of the control room (above the catwalk that is above the front door). Since the roof of the control room doesn't reach the roof of the warehouse, if a player crouches on the railings then it's easily accessible by jumping from that player's head to the supports of the control room. This is slightly more common than the above camping area.

6) Here's another area only accessible with the support of another player. It's easy to access the window ledge in the ramp area of the warehouse, but you can also camp above the door leading to the bottom of the ramp on a small box. There are some cables and wires on the wall opposite the window, and if a player crouches while sitting upon them, it's possible to jump from their head onto the box above the door. This has never really caused much of a problem, but i've seen a few people do it.

7) I'm not sure whether this should be classed as a bug or a secret area, but i'm convinced it was never intended by the map designers, and it was quite amazing the first (and only) time I saw it achieved. As you leave CT spawn towards the side alley, you pass underneath a large building. It's actually possible to scale almost to the top of this building. I'll need to upload a screenshot of the architecture on the building, but I saw three CTs boost each other almost to the top of the building. Using silenced weapons, it would be almost impossible to spot anyone up there if you happened to be running by. It took them a while to get up, but it's almost a perfect camping spot, and if the Terrorist team decide to leave the warehouse in search of the remaining CTs, they're almost certain to be killed when entering CT spawn.

8) This isn't a bug, or a secret area but quite a useful tactic for dealing with notorious vent campers (I for one find this furiously irritating). Ok, assuming that your team has safe access to the control room, and you have a vent camper to deal with there is an easy method that involves two people. Have a member of your team crouch underneath the vent grate in the control room, and stand on their head. If you both jump and time it right, you can gain access to the vent and climb the ladder. It's quite amusing to creep up and knife vent campers using this method, which is highly deserved.

9) Once again, another spot that is accessible using several people only. If you exit the warehouse via either of the backdoors, you will see at the end of the sidealley a small area that CTs often use as cover when assaulting from the sidealley. Standing in this area, you can see above you a box protruding from the wall. This box is accessible using the boosting methods listed above.

This is not meant to be a 'how to annoy people using bugs' post, but a guide so that when people do use those bugs, it will be easily countered. I'm sure there are more to be found, so please feel free to add them to this list. :thumbs:

(I KNOW there is at least one more I have forgoten, not to mention the ability to hide in the vent at the top of the ladder near the grate, so I will probably edit this post quite soon.)

18-08-05, 07:44 AM
Wow, thats a pretty comprehensive post. Thanks :thumbs: Is there a way to report some of the 'bugs' to valve?

18-08-05, 08:49 AM
Wow, thats a pretty comprehensive post. Thanks :thumbs: Is there a way to report some of the 'bugs' to valve?

I'll take a look on SteamPowered. To be honest though, i've never seen them release a map publically and then re-release it with bugs fixed. Then again, i've not yet seen another Source map as buggy as cs_assault. I'll see what I can do...

If someone has a copy of the official cs_assault Hammer files (Source files please) I can make the changes myself... although, it would be a custom map and not the official release.

18-08-05, 09:37 PM
I'm fairly sure they do make small changes these days, through steam updates. I think dust had some faults that got fixed. People used to be able to get up onto the walls in bomb site B, fairly sure they fixed that.