View Full Version : Flashlights? :)

26-08-05, 03:54 AM
Hey, I was wondering if there's any particular reason flashlights are disabled?

I normally play with them on, and I think it adds some element to the game. It gives you the ability to change something in your environment, rather than the environment determining how you play. I know it doesn't make a great deal of difference to the game play, but I quite like them and I think they're a worthwhile part of the game.

If there's nothing major stopping you from using them, would it be ok to enable them?

26-08-05, 05:38 AM
I think that they came as 'off' on one of the match configs and that bit probably just got copied. I have no objection to them being on... Does anyone know why in a match config they might be off? Is there any wierd way they can be used to cheat? :side:

26-08-05, 05:53 AM
The only thing I can think of is people behaving silly with them, flashing team mates and so on, but i've never actually seen this happen. I doubt if they scan be used to cheat, otherwise VAC wouldn't allow them. I'm sure you know already, the command is mp_flashlight 1.

Maybe try it for a few days or something, if there is an exploit, it should turn it's ugly head by then.

26-08-05, 07:13 AM
I wondered if you had disabled them on purpose to make life difficult for"vent hunters" :)

26-08-05, 09:33 AM
yeah, i think they maybe shouldnt be allowed on the custom map server for the "vent hunters". But, a good idea for the others.

I think its disabled in matches maybe becuase of, for example, people with lower end graphic cards and high settings, it has the potential of giving one team a slight advantage.

26-08-05, 09:37 AM
Thats not teams fault, they should buy a new card.

26-08-05, 09:47 AM
um, i think they're on in the match config, but the bug is that if some one is camping in a dark bit, people blind them with the flash light.

I agree not to have them on the custom server, or not on certain maps, but the others, hit it :D