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30-08-05, 10:06 PM
If there is one show that im looking forward to seen its this one (well apart from the next season of lost nxt moth ). It got rave reviews last this week.

At first glance, a TV series about an all-male prison has as much appeal as a porno about an all-male marching band. But Prison Break ignores the discomfiting recreation that prison jokes are made of, and instead focuses on the one thing that will make it a must-see show: escaping the big house. Like network-mate 24, Break casts time as a central character, counting down the impending execution of Lincoln Burrows (Dominic Purcell), convicted of murdering the brother of the vice president. Lincoln's brother, Michael Scofield (Wentworth Miller), refuses to believe his sibling is capable of the crime and hatches a meticulous plot to bust him out. First on the agenda: Commit armed robbery and get sent to prison along with him. From there, Break blends the hopefulness of The Great Escape with the ingenuity of Ocean's Eleven to brew a potent hooch of weekly anticipation. Each episode finds Scofield and his actions becoming increasingly frantic, be it feigning diabetes or face-punching a mob boss all in the name of fleeing the freezer. Doesn't sound like much of a strategy, but trying to figure out how Scofield will pull off the impossible over the course of this season may prove as difficult as not tuning in each week. the first episode is Directed by Rush Hour and upcoming xmen 3's Director Brett Ratner

04-09-05, 09:25 AM
Watched the first episode of this - very good. Had great ratings for a summer show in the US so hopefully will get a full season.

05-09-05, 10:45 PM
The second episode is fantastic. There are some good sub-plots going on outside the prison too, a mass riot with blood everywhere in it, and as for the pair of bolt cutters.... http://www.nearlygood.com/smilies/whistling2.gif (http://www.nearlygood.com)

06-09-05, 08:34 AM
Man I just watched the first 2 and have to say awesome show. dling the 3rd now.

29-09-05, 09:58 PM
This show gets better and better and is getting some great ratings. It has been awarded a full 22 show season and the producers are planning a storyline for a second season pitch :thumbs:

20-03-06, 01:08 PM
The new season is back on monday nights :) followed by 24.

20-03-06, 01:14 PM
I watched Prison Break 1x14 "The rat" on Saturday morning - praise all yee who leak eps :thumbs: :lol:

20-03-06, 02:23 PM
Waas that the one with a watermark on it?

20-03-06, 11:04 PM
Ive just watched the next episode on channel 5 (dont know what # it is). Just wondering what you guys use to download the new episodes, i cant wait to see the next episode, i got into this onlny about 4 or 5 episodes a go when Badboy suggested it. :thumbs:


21-03-06, 08:48 AM
to discuss anything like how we watch it I suggest you talk to someone over xfire, prefer to keep that out of the forums.

23-03-06, 10:22 PM
I just watched 1x15 of Prison break - not great TBH - feels like LOST; dragged out and never getting anywhere. Still "damn good television" though

23-03-06, 10:43 PM
I have got quite into this one, didnt see the first couple but the story is quite gripping atm.

02-04-06, 06:52 PM
Just watched episode 1x16 of this. My GF loves this show but I am beginning to feel it is dragging things out - similar to Lost - anyone else?

The schedule for this show can be found HERE (http://www.epguides.com/prisonbreak). This says the final show, 1x19, will be shown in the US on the 1st May 2006 - no doubt some of us will see it before then :thumbs:

23-08-06, 02:26 AM
Right The new series is finnaly out!!!!
Well after watching the first episode oft this it has actually beat my expectations of it. It still keeps me hooked even though i belive as the series progresses it will die down and start to get boring although ill still watch them all. Would definitly reccomend watching this episode to anyone who has watched the first series

23-08-06, 10:19 AM
Is it on tele or did you obtain it from another source? ;)


23-08-06, 12:36 PM
Iv obtained it from another source :D

13-09-06, 03:30 PM
The second season of this is now being shown in the U.S. I have seen the first three, and am getting Monday night's 4th episode as we read :thumbs:

It's good. They are of course out now (no spoiler because that's the way it was left), and on the run :twisted:

13-09-06, 05:05 PM
Ye i watched the 4th episode earlier and its still as good as its ever been. :D

13-09-06, 08:20 PM
No it isn't. It peaked around episode 18, series 1

14-09-06, 08:00 AM
I have to agree with simon this has turned into a standard series. Frankly especialy since I know a little of what happens I am even more dissappointed. Not good writing anymore. Many new series to turn my attention to.

24-11-06, 09:14 AM
Nov 24 1971

D.B. Cooper hijacks a Northwest Orient 727 and parachutes into the freezing rain over Washington state from the rear stairway of the plane with $200,000 in cash. Rotting currency from the ransom is eventually located, but his rotting body isn't.

today is that day. What really did happen :)

02-12-06, 03:05 PM
Well just watched the 13th episode and it was probably the best episode of the series yet. The ending is brilliant and looking forward to when it comes back after christmas.

21-02-07, 05:44 PM
I presume everyone is still watching it, if not WHY? :shock:
Its still got some incredible story lines with a couple more that have just came out and looks likes the series is going to have a great ending, after watching episode 17. Can't wait for the next episode to come out next week it left this episode on such a cliffhanger!!!

09-03-07, 04:13 PM
The series is looking like an amazing ending, probably as equally as good as the first series. The epsiode iv just watch (episode 19) probably has to have been the best one of the series yet!

10-03-07, 10:34 AM
Nope totally disagree with you it has gone away from the original storyline to much and there is no mystery anymore, I find it boring weak writing and it keeps slipping in the ratings.

Heroes took a 6.1 rating in adults 18-49 and 13.6 million total viewers
Prison Break scored 9.9 million viewers and a 4.1 rating,
24 snagged 15.3 million viewers and a 5.4 rating in 18-49s.

03-04-07, 03:46 PM
just finished watching the final episode of season 2 and im not so sure that I feel comfortable with the whole sci fi element in it now .

[spoiler:bbf0a7e648]It just seemed to remind me too much of that old show The Pretender[/spoiler:bbf0a7e648]