View Full Version : LNY SERVERS

01-09-05, 09:21 PM
Hey ppl i was reading that u want us to say when theres a problem on hte servers!!

well 10:19pm 01/09/05 server kicked everyone saying high ping!! i was on 23!!

01-09-05, 09:49 PM
which server?

01-09-05, 10:06 PM
He's mentioned to me on Xfire already, it was the assault server.

Having looked at the logs, it would seem the custom map server changed maps at 22:20:51, which will almost definitly be what caused the problem. For the record (for me as much as anything) it changed from Terminal7 to Deltamill2. If people can report back each time this happens, with an acurate time, I can maybe single it out to be a specific map.

Also, it would appear the dust server was changing map from dust to office at 22:19... so it could have been either, depending on who's watch we're using :lol:

It's a shame. I can see none of the servers actually crashed today, but if we're still getting these ping spikes, its gonna be a pain.

01-09-05, 10:30 PM
it could have been the combination of the 2 servers changing map at the same time, that would probably hammer the CPU.....