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03-09-05, 10:15 AM
The Business (http://www.thebusinessmovie.co.uk/main.php) is a British gangster movie set on the Costa del Sol in the 80's. It is made by the same people who made the Football Factory a couple of years ago.

Story - young saarf londoner in a bit of bovver gets a delivery job down to sunny Spain where he becomes the driver and then partner of the biggest saarf london criminal on the Costa.

This is basic film-making but if you go in expecting Lock Stock, Layer Cake or the Football Factory its good stuff. Don't see it if (amazing amounts of) swearing or (amazing amounts of) drugs offend or you want to see a good film.

It's an 18 so it was nice not to have a bunch of kids in there on their mobiles.

It isn't very good but it was late on Friday night and i had had a couple of pints before so I really enjoyed it. Some of the one liners are great but I can't repeat them here as they all include the word ****

6/10 - Basic gangster movie with some great set pieces and one-liners and I enjoyed it more than it probably deserved.