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01-04-03, 10:48 PM
hi just a quick post to see if any of ya no of any meetings that would be up for a bit of ghost recon :D :D
anywhere in the uk would be considered there would be at least 5/6 to start with that we would bring

01-04-03, 11:06 PM
Hi there, welcome to the Lanarchy forums :)

Earlier today I read your post on the UKLans website, I haven't really looked into it as yet, but I have had a thought or two on the matter.

I would be very suprised if you found a LAN specifically for Ghost Recon but it could be arranged that we ran a Ghost Recon competition at one of our LANs. The problem being of course that you would need some opposition.

I understand you have a GR clan and I am presuming you play clan matches and are generally part of the GR community in the UK. If you could persuade a few clans to come along it would be easier to arrange a competition. Basically if you can get one or two teams interested it will be easier for us to attract a few more too.

A couple of questions I have myself -

1) Do you and your friends play CS or BF1942?

2) Is there a stand alone dedicated server file?

3) Do you know how a DS can be remotely managed?

Anyway, let me know what you think.

02-04-03, 09:06 AM
i wouldnt mind a game, but it's not really my type of game :D

games should use the remote thing UT and UT2003 uses

Can i ask

- Do you have UT2003?

03-04-03, 01:44 PM
Thanks for your speedy reply to my post.
im sure we could fine a few more clans to join in. as to your questions we have played those games in the past but nothing to serious.
your other two questions i am awiating answers on as all im good for on a pc is killing ppl and can just barely turn one on :oops:
so as soon as our techno wizards ahve the time ill will ask
but once again thanks for ya help
speak to ya soon :D

03-04-03, 09:00 PM
im sure we could fine a few more clans to join in.

One option would be, we aim for a Ghost Recon competition at our LAN in MAY (24th). That would give me...and you (as you will probably be in a better position than me) to find some GR clans to come along. Depending on numbers of clans we can get to sign up, we can stump up some prizes...cash or hardware...but we would need atleast 5 or 6 clans.

If you like, start spreading the word, giving a link to this thread. If people are interested, they can post and show their support. What you reckon? Worth a go?

03-04-03, 10:21 PM
ive put the word out the 24th of may maybe a bit soon to try and sort things out but if your having one in june then i cant see why not.
i no you have said 5/6 clans but what sort of numbers in total are you looking at cause most clans now are of quite a few numbers

speak to ya soon

04-04-03, 06:16 PM
Well, part of the problem is I haven't played Ghost Recon yet (bought it today, being delivered soon :) ) As soon as I get it, I can start getting an idea of how the competition would be run.

I assuming you would need teams of 5 or 6? Or does GR need bigger teams?

Basically, we can run a LAN for only 12-14 people, but to hold a decent competition you want at least 5 or 6 teams I would say. The problem we would have is, the value of the prize if dependant on the amount of people that attend...and it's always hard to tell how many people are coming, because so many say they will...and then don't show :(

So, you'd prefer to aim for a date in June? You'll have to wait until we have our next meeting and we can check what dates are possible for us.

15-04-03, 10:35 PM
We had a quick blast of this at our little CoF meet and it looks good fun, though looks a bit 'tactical' :!:

for the record today I was talking to a guy (supplier) who knows a load of GR fans too... Seems that it has quite a following. Though before this thread I'd never heard of it...


15-04-03, 11:04 PM
Yeah, after our bash last week I am definatly up for featuring this at a LAN. Scooby, you think you can get a message to those GR fans through the supplier?

15-04-03, 11:13 PM
I will see what I can do, though they sound a bit good...

16-04-03, 12:06 PM
Lo all

Im babydave from www.recon.org.uk, a mainly UK GR league, my clan is the 22nd (ww.the22nd.com) Did you get the email adresses from the site? :)

We'd be happy to help set up a LAN involving UK clans.

GR games in the UK are generally 5 v 5's because there are no dedicated servers. I know of some squads that would probably be interested - ^BOB^, KFORF, 22ND, UKLF, YGUK, BPR and DOW among others....

16-04-03, 12:29 PM
Hi there :)

So you think we would be able to get this LAN off the ground then?

I know Kingo thought that May 24th might be a bit soon to get together support, the next LAN is likely to be June 21st, so maybe we should aim for that?

Much would depend on how many people are interested. Our usual venue holds a maximum of 48, but if enough people are interested we could probably get a larger venue. Also, if enough people showed interest a two day event is never out of the question, but we need confirmed bookings to commit to that.

Are these 5 v 5 games deathmatch style?

16-04-03, 04:48 PM
Hi all

Thanks for the mention BD :D

I'm from K.FOR.F (Kill For Fun) and we are a UK team, we used to be in the league Babydave mentioned but now mainly play within Clanbase. (http://www.Clanbase.com) We have a team of 13 people but as Dave said, most GR squads play 5v5 or 6v6 at a push. I'll have a word with out CO (KFORFma**) and see what he thinks.

The matches vary, usually they are deathmatch with no respawn, but occaisionally we play Hamburger Hill (Team King of the Hill) with differing amounts of respawns.

The UK GR community is quite a close knit one and most decent clans know each other quite well which makes the community a great place to be part of.

BTW we are the highest ranking UK team within clanbase and were amongst the top 3 teams within recon.org, so we are a right bunch of geeks and we know how to play :twisted:

if you're interested, our team page is HERE (http://www.teamk4f.com) (but it's a bit pants)

16-04-03, 06:14 PM
Hi $ilent here from The Dogs Of War (DoW) Thanxs for the mention Dave yeah icud see a fare few of my guys been interested weve been looking for a way for us all to meet up and finally speak to each other face to face as a squad and this LAN might be a good opertunity.... as long as its at a weekend is all i can sugest... my only problem along with a team mate and afellow team HTI which makes about 12 of us is that we are in the north east..... If its a good venue and cheap im sure we would come along... Let me know about any up comings... $ilent...Out....

16-04-03, 06:41 PM
Welcome guys :)

Out events are usually held in Watford, on Saturdays and are

29-04-03, 05:31 PM
So has anyone been able to russle up some interest?

03-05-03, 10:22 PM
Ahhhhh! now I know, why we messed about on Ghost Recon at that CoF party.

Lanarchy events are great fun! I'm well up for a game of Ghost Recon I mentioned it, at Lanarchy 9 not realising about this post. So i'll be up for it and playing it.

28-06-03, 08:48 AM
For anyone tracking this topic, just to let you know, with us having much more time to frag at our next event, with it being two days and all...I'm hoping for us to play some Ghost Recon.

If there are enough proper GR players, we'll have a competition of it :thumbs:

28-06-03, 09:30 PM
can we play some MOHAA? i missed out last time

28-06-03, 09:37 PM
Why are you posting this in a Ghost Recon thread?

28-06-03, 10:07 PM
on the top of war games :)

tbh Ghost Recon kinda sucks it's too slow for the type of game it is

but if it stops me being a bullet magnet i'll play

29-06-03, 09:22 AM
tbh Ghost Recon kinda sucks it's too slow for the type of game it is
What on earth are you talking about? It's one of the most realistic combat simulations there is...? It's the perfect speed for the game type it is. Your not supposed to be bouncing about the place like your playing UT or something...

Personnally I really enjoyed playing the one time we did at a CoF LAN, and there was only five of us. I can imagine it's great fun with 10 or 12.

26-08-03, 03:25 AM
yes I loved that game 2 but I must be a sniper bloke I cant play using a rifle on it I always use a sniper even when I played it online....I used to take out so many people in the distance as a sniper...but when we played that at CoF a couple of LANs ago I didnt like the map....I prefer the 1 on grass and caves and the 1 in the swamp we pld and the 1 with grass and houses/base in the middle was gd 2