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15-09-05, 11:40 PM
The fact that the US title of this is Hooligans gives the subject matter of this film away. Elijah Frodo Wood stars as a Harvard journalism student who is wrongly expelled and goes to visit his sister in London.

There he becomes involved with the West Ham firm and discovers that he enjoys having the s&%t kicked out of him.

This wasn't too bad although very predictable and the acting from all was good. The one thing that grated was the accent of the leader of the West Ham firm. His accent made Dick Van Dykes in Mary Poppins seem spot on. I though he was an American actor but it turns out he is a Geordie. He makes a Cockney accent sound like a cross between Welsh and Australian.

The film has definite leanings towards an American audience and at times is like a morality play - most things turn out ok if you do the right thing. It is very violent and earns its 18 rating and there is a lot of swearing.

If you like blokes fighting, and not Hollywood fighting, proper windmills, knees in the nads, if you get hit on the head with a brick/bottle you stay down and bleed heavily etc, this could be the film for you although I would recommend the Football Factory as a better hooligan film.


04-05-06, 07:34 PM
Well iv just watched this and its a great film :D The fighting in it is amazing and the storyline's pretty good too.


15-05-06, 05:11 PM
haha lol i thought DRE would defenatly post about this subject.
he bloody loves the film he is addicted to it lol, he even asked me to lend it him again omfg
i would say its a or8 film, i prefer footy factory
but as dale would say
cause he loves it sooo soooo sooo much :D

15-05-06, 05:18 PM
i have to say it is an amazing film, i would say 9 or 10/10
still havent seen football factory but hopefully will do soon if lockin will lend me it!