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I thought this was quite an interesting little Q&A - clicky clicky (http://forum.ecoustics.com/bbs/messages/34579/166337.html)

What's the big deal about surround sound? For my purposes, I don't see any benefit. My entire 500-CD collection is 2-channel stereo and I hardly ever watch DVDs. Simple stereo is OK by me, so why should I pay for a 5.1 channel surround system?

It may come as a surprise, but "hidden" in those two stereo channels on many of your CDs is lots of directional information that the original microphones captured but you aren't able to hear in stereo. In the same way that our two ears and a brain interpret sounds from all sorts of directions around us, many 2-channel recordings have what's called "out of phase" information that the two or more microphones pick up. But those signals are largely ignored in stereo playback. A 5.1-channel home theater surround system will extract and "decode" the out-of-phase directional cues and ambient sounds and route them to the surround speakers and the center channel reproducing the relative spatial and timing cues. In effect, it reproduces a more realistic "soundfield" of the original recording.

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I can see wheres hes coming from though.

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I can see wheres hes coming from though.

Canada! :shock: Good eyesight dude!

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Yea man you should see how thick my glasses are.