View Full Version : GoldenEye source on way!!!!!!

28-10-05, 02:25 PM
One of THE greatest multiplayer games is getting a makeover, thats right goldenEye.


Would anyone else other than me be prepared to play this just as much as cs:s, cause i think it will be great

Also visit http://www.hl2mods.co.uk/

pick out any others that u might like and keep an eye on them im also intrested in resident evil mods.

28-10-05, 05:04 PM
oh man Golden eye source will rock so much if it is out by next lan we will def be having a go :)

I will be the one placing limpet mines everywhere and snickering behind my monitor

28-10-05, 07:58 PM
I know there's a thread about this somewhere else, why is it I can't find it :roll: I remember Mits gave us the link a few months back.

Bad news is, progress looks very very slow on it :( I'm sure it was about 40% done last time I checked... 45% done now :(

28-10-05, 11:56 PM
yeah they need more members on there team.................any volunteers to get id goddam finished

29-10-05, 12:36 AM
But if they are taking a long time that could mean that it is going to be exceptionaly good and taking their time, or they just are to lazy.

29-10-05, 12:45 AM
lol looking forwrd to it i will be getting it.

17-12-05, 10:18 AM
They've set a release date for an alpha release, Xmas day!!! :thumbs:

Things included in the alpha will be:
- 8 Weapons. ( PP7, KF7, AutoShotgun, ZMG, Golden Gun, Proximity\Remote\Timed mines, and both the throwing and hunting knives.
- 4 maps. ( Facility, Facility Backzone, Egyptian, Control )
- 3 Character models. ( Bond, Oddjob, Ourumov )
- 3 Gameplay modes. ( Deathmatch, License to Kill, Man with a Golden Gun )

Woo hoo!

17-12-05, 12:55 PM
Yesssss. bring back the klashinikov and the toilets in facility!

17-12-05, 03:48 PM
I think my favourite map was Temple. Was there one called Egyptian, or is that perhaps actually the Source version of it?

25-12-05, 10:51 AM
Wow :shock: It's amazing for an alpha release :D There isn't a cross hair, you can't jump and there's lots of spawn killing, but apart from that it's amazing :thumbs:

It's an 88.3MB file, avliable here (http://forums.goldeneysource.com/index.php?showtopic=2883)

(Or alternatively use my UK mirror here (http://www.penguin133.co.uk/GES/GESource_Alpha1.zip) )

Oh, if you're about, come join the IRC party on #goldeneyesource on either Quakenet or Gamesurge

25-12-05, 10:54 AM
Downloading now, but probably wont get to give it a go for a few days :roll: Be sure to let us know what it plays like :)

25-12-05, 10:12 PM
wow looking forward to this download loved it on n64 played it for years

hi penguin dude i may be a super noob? but where do i extract the files to? so i can play this wicked game :)

confused me a bit if you could help would be great man


25-12-05, 10:18 PM
I think (although I haven't tried it myself yet) that the base 'Goldeneye' folder goes in the same folder that your cstrike folder is in.

I'm currently looking into getting a server up for this, but it's not going too well at the mo...

25-12-05, 10:50 PM
You get the zip.

Extract it to X:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\SteamApps\SourceMods
Restart steam, and then it should appear on your "My Games" window.

(there should be a folder called goldeneye in your sourcemods folder after you have unzipped)


25-12-05, 11:27 PM
Hmm, well its interesting, although I'm not particularly reminded of Goldeneye from the N64 just yet. I played egyptian and facility maps, which didn't look like I thought they should :( You have to shoot someone about 15 times with the pistol before they die too (and it seemed I usually met people while still only sporting a pistol)

Still, will be interesting to see how it progresses.

25-12-05, 11:35 PM
Yeah, it was like that at the beginning. However, you either get better or the server decides damage done by the PP7, as I played just now and was killing people who had full health with 2/3 shots :P

My main problems with the alpha is that the maps are designed for 4 people, which means a lot of spawn killing :(

Start a local server, on ge_facility. Then try saying that it doesn't remind you of the N64 version :thumbs:

The max number of testers that they could ever get at one time was 8, and they are saying to expect a bug patch in a few weeks :D

01-01-06, 06:29 PM
goldeneye rocks! ive been playing this mod for about 2 weeks now and love it, though it would be better with a single player mode and maybe teams with the online mode as it just gets boring after 15 mins of continuous killing.......wait lol thats not boring :P


01-01-06, 07:36 PM
is there away to play this without having HL2 installed?

For some reason i cant install HL2 now (after deleting it cause of CS issues) it wont allow me to re-install says its missing a file or some such

01-01-06, 07:45 PM
no, you must have HL2 however i think if you have CSS retail there is a way to install it, go on www.goldeneyesource.com and look im pretty sure you will be able install it no matter what your issue. if your still having problems send me a screen dump of the missing file and ill try to work it for you ok ? :)


01-01-06, 07:46 PM
well apparently the file is missing off the HL2 dvd... altho it let me install before :/

01-01-06, 07:52 PM
have you tried letting steam install it on its own? and if you can tell me the name of the file and i should be able to determine the reason of the problem, it sounds like your dvd installation thinks that the game is installed already (which it is?) and wont over-write the files. just give me the file name and ill find out for you.


01-01-06, 08:24 PM
Just hgot crips installing off steam now :D

01-01-06, 08:27 PM
yep... assuming this works i am looking forward to playing some Goldeneye, I loved Goldeneye on the N64!

01-01-06, 08:46 PM
lol yeh it was ace. maybe lanarchy might make a goldeneye server????? hehe?


01-01-06, 09:20 PM
McBain tried, but we had problems with installing it on our server, and nobody on the GES forums or IRC channels wanted to help...

I'm sure once it is released as a final version McBain might be persuaded to get a server up and running (I guess that it would also be easier to get one going)

02-01-06, 09:58 AM
I hated this firstly found it so unlike goldeneye that it should be renamed something else. Sometimes a 1 shot with any gun will kill someone sometimes alot of shots are needed. There are no limpet mines? I found a goldne gun but could not pick it up. And quite frankly the skill needed to play is at noobish level run around till you find someone and whoever gets first shot wins.

02-01-06, 12:11 PM
It's in Alpha..
The instant killing is in "Licsenced to kill" game mode. The golden gun can be picked up in "Man with the golden gun" mode. (set mp_gamemode to something). There are no mines due to a major bug they found at the last moment.

The skill bit- once I started getting used to the game (play for about 20 minutes) I could klll somebody with 4 shots from the PP7- it took most other people two clips.

They couldn't get more than 8 people to test internally before they released publically, and because of that the maps are really designed for ~6-8 people. They say they will fix it in the next patch.

Try starting a local server on ge_facility, then tell me it's not like Goldeneye :D

02-01-06, 12:19 PM
Sometimes a 1 shot with any gun will kill someone sometimes alot of shots are needed. So that's what happend to TFC:Source :-)

02-01-06, 12:27 PM
i think it is actually very like goldeneye graphic wise if not better! but the gameplay is bad. however its still fu nto play. they are currantly skining and modling the new weapons (dd4 dos, klob , prox + remote mines) you can read all this on their website. there is sometimes a problem with not being able to pick weapons up. you can correct this by downloading the bug patch which is somewhere in the forums i think. :S cant wait til lyou guys have a GES server!!!!

master chief.

05-01-06, 12:23 PM
I Have it and it owns when im having a little stress in cs and just want to run around shooting people without a care about stats this is my weapon of choice.

08-01-06, 01:00 PM
The next patch is going to be released soon :ele:. Below is a list of the issues addressed. it looks very promising, especially with more spawn points, spawn point issues, and more weapon spawn points on caves :thumbs:

We will be releasing a patch within the next few days. The patch will include a number of bug fixes as well as updated maps. Some issues addressed in the patch are:
-Updated textures and architecture on all maps.
-Player spawn points added on all maps.
-Weapon spawn points added in Caves.
-New Facility props added by Killermonkey.
-Updated soundscapes.
-Goldengun spawn (fixed)
-Weapons getting stuck to where you can't pick them up (fixed)
-Use on weapon spawn exploit/bug (fixed)
-Listenserver changelevel crash (fixed)
-Player spawn points(fixed)
-Armor pickup sound added.
-HUD image (shotgun/knives death symbol), and weapon pickup images.(fixed)
-User Contributed Sprays added.
-Guns flying too far after death (fixed)
-Empty weapon pickup/auto switching(fixed)