View Full Version : Front Line Force

04-11-05, 08:18 AM
This was probably my second favourite mod for Half Life, although I didn't actually play it all that much I guess... I liked the game play style. It's kind of a mix between DoD and UT2004 Assault mode if I remember correctly.

There are a variety of objectives for the attacking team to try and achieve, like blowing things up etc, it is all timed, when they achieve them all the teams swap and the second team must beat the first teams score.

I remember it was one of the first mods to implement scoring not solely based on your kill death ratio. I think one of the top scoring acts was to throw your body on a grenade to save your team mates. You also shot more accurately if you were near team mates, generally things tried to emphasis that working as a team would help you.

I've kept an eye on it from time to time, waiting to see if there will be a Source version released and it now looks like there will.


They say they are hoping to have it out before Christmas, which would be pretty cool. I would be rather interested in running a server of this when it finally come out.

Did anyone else play it/looking forward to it?