View Full Version : Anyone see last series of spooks!?!?

12-11-05, 01:32 AM
anyone see the last series of spooks in my opinoin it was the best one yet, wasnt as voilent as other ones but it was still great.

1st epoisode was great

4th was even better, some guy posing as an illegal immigrant to get into the UK leaves u thinking it was a thin plot bout just stopping illegal immigrants, but it suprised me when he beats the prince to death with his own pair of glasses

but The best episode was the last one so many twists, leaidng u to think that it was to reveal wot happened to princess dianna (i thought it was a little risky the bbc messing bout wid that subject, personally i think they were just telling what they think in an epsiode). then turns out to be a plot to kill the queen, and then it turns out adam gets shot in the back with an awm and leaves the series on a cliffhanger yet again.

Also anyone else get pissed off at they like to kill/get rid of of main characters without hesistation thats tom, zoe, danny, fiona and now adam.

Whos next?

12-11-05, 02:45 AM
Yep - awesome - got em all on my pc (700mb avi's)

I liked the first series the best (cos it was the first series) but this final one was really good too

12-11-05, 09:14 AM
jesus- harry's next though isnt he??? i mean he was literally looking at that crazed bitch as she was about to pull the trigger on hi
m.... wot are the odds adam survives? i persoanlly think they are quite good odds as he hasnt been in very long and he is a good character

great series

12-11-05, 09:26 AM
Yep, this series was very good, just downloading the last episode now.