View Full Version : How do I obtain default weapon skins?

Damn It Im Shite Tonight
12-11-05, 11:16 AM
Alright guys,

I've noticed that a few servers don't allow you on with altered wepons skins. Is there a quick way of changing the skins back to default? I'm just asking in case this should happen on someones match server and I need to remove the skins.

Would it just be a matter of moving the skin files out of their folders temporarily?

12-11-05, 11:32 AM
I'd have the default ones in a temp folder so you can just copy them back over the modified ones if needed (probably want another temp folder with the modded ones in it so you can copy them back ;) ) That's what I did when I used to run modified skins under 1.5 and 1.6, though I actually quite like the default ones now...

12-11-05, 11:37 AM
This is how the skins/models work:

-Counter-Strike looks in one file, a .gcf file, for all it's content. It's like a .zip file, and it is structured like all of the folders you see in your cstrike folder (and more)

-So, when you place a file with the same name in the same folder, for example, urban.mdl in the modles/player directory, it uses your urban.mdl instead of the urban.mdl in the gcf file. The result is a different model for the CT.

- When a server asks for consistency, open up the console and see all the files in red that it says. Usually these are all in one folder, so navigate to the directory and create a directory called "backup", and cut and paste the directory's contents into the backup" directory.

12-11-05, 11:46 AM
There is a much easier way of doing this, but Penguin's idea is brilliant of course - I found this out during my first clan match het other night

1) locate your cstrike folder (.../steam/steamapps/your_username/counterstrike-source/)
2) copy the folders named MATERIALS, MODELS and SOUND to a temp location (these are created upon installation of any skins)
3) when a server asks for consistency, simply delete the three folders
4) when a server does not ask for consistency, copy the folders back into the cstrike folder from the temp location

I feel this is better than deleting individual models when a server asks

This is how I am able to keep my skins when not playing clan matches, but avoid not being able to play through forced consistency

Hope this helps

P.S. This is a good idea for everyone really, as when you have problems with Steam, and have to reinstall/reformat/whatever unlikely event occurs, you can simply reinstall ALL you skins back :twisted: