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20-11-05, 10:48 PM

im a reg on lanarchy servers, im in the top 20 on lanarchy assault server, ive noticed that not many people seem to like badboy (sry to say it), everytime im on and he joins after me, im often cts, when he does join if the ts are winning say 10-0 he will try to join ts thats right the winning team even if the cts have only i dont know 7 people on it, when he joins he usually makes the teams evne more unbalanced, when he is a t he only has 1 tactic stay at the bottom back door well almost at it, with a SIG. The only time i see him as a ct is when the cts are winning like 10-0, ive been reading the forums and found that he started to accuse some one of not helping the team out with teamwork and always playing for his rank, i think its the one about coolest scores, i tihnk he doesnt see the full picture and that is that he does not involve teamwork in his kind of play, the only time i think he does is in clan matches, also i noticed the other day he accused someone of hacking, his person is a reg aswell i think, i tihnk this person was a threat to his rank im not sure but he accused him of hacking when most people know that he doesnt hack.(TBH i hate to say this but i think hes trying to get rid of players (banned) who keeps threating his rank, thats all i think ke does play for his rank))

bacically wot im trying to say id badboy help th LOSING team for once instaed of joining the winning team 99% of the time.

i think i had to put this thread because i dont think no one else would.

(please dont lock/remove this thread as i feel it needs to be said and so do a lot of other people)

yet again im sry i had to say this.

20-11-05, 10:55 PM

Im a reg on assault as you all know and i think chillie has some sense but not a lot of it. Purly becos there has been alot of talk around the server between regs bout this topic. Now i aint tranna stir up ne thing but i do agree that CS is generally bout teamwork and not just badboy but others tend to play soly for their ranks from time to time. Not all the time but quite frequently.

this may sound crazy but how about a rank reset on lanarchy to stop the competetivness of the over all population of gamers on lanarchy?


P.S Nout against ya badboy im speakin out in general

20-11-05, 11:15 PM
well, chille, i would say that you are wrong. I have been on assault, so many times under another name just to see what is happening, and what i see is badboy alternating. he gots CT, then goes T, and stays where ETB puts him. The problemn is, on assault, he is normally one of the highest-scoring players, so ETB won't switch him. It tends to be badboy that makies the team the winning team. i have seen it, when he is on CTs, cts are winning, when he is on Ts, Ts are winning.

Badboy knows about the team balance issue, and does think about it. Now, really, unbalancing the teams is not against our rules, as we have ETB to deal with this, and admins can manually balance the teams if needed.

Badboy isn't the real problem here. It is people that say "oh, i can only play as T and/or i can only vent camp", or it is the CTs who constantly camp outside and refuse to rush, complaining about Ts camping.

As for the previous incident, that was resolved and has been left in the past.

Personally, it seems that you are just complaining because a good player, who makes the difference between the winning and the losing side, is just trying to play. It is not badboy's job to keep switching sides when one is beating the other, it is the other side's job to work as a TEAM and try and beat him.

20-11-05, 11:18 PM
yeah thats right when he notices that one of the clan members are on, but when theres no clan members there he will do exactly as ive said

20-11-05, 11:19 PM
Please, please try and type, it's very hard to read random letters.

First of all, just because a person is a regular, doesn't stop them from hacking. Did you get this person's name? BadBoy's probably seen a few hackers that we have seen (and banned) on our servers, and may know what to look for. Believe it or not, it's quite hard to know what to look for when somebody is hacking.

Secondly, is your point about Badboy not being on the right team, killing too many people, not playing in a team, spotting possible hackers, or is it just a rant? You came here to complain about somebody who is always working for his rank, but you mention quite literally the first thing that you were ranked in the top20.

Yes, your comments and opinions are welcome. We like to hear from the people who play on our servers. But, coming here and almost abusing a forum member (who is a reg as well and also in the clan) and nitpicking the tiniest little things perhaps is not the way to go?

Oh, and FYI, I don't play very often on the Assault server. I've played countless times on the other servers with BadBoy, he joins the right team to join, and plays well in a team. Which is surprising, as public servers aren't really known for their team-playing.

20-11-05, 11:23 PM
FYI peguin im not abusing anybody, im just sayin wot everyone thinks, yet again when there no admin or clan members on he will join the team that is winning by far, also just because hes a clan member i dont think this gives him special privilages to do what he wants

20-11-05, 11:26 PM
yeah thats right when he notices that one of the clan members are on, but when theres no clan members there he will do exactly as ive said

If you read what i said, i go on as a different name, not my clan name. so alot of the time our beloved clan members do not realise i am there.

As i said above, i believe you to be ranting because you are annoyed that badboy is a good player.

Also, why are you singling out badboy? there are countless others who really teamstack to Ts. This singling out is borderline abuse.

20-11-05, 11:31 PM
i dont rant about people because there a better player, ill try and get a screen shot of what im goin on about, to show u exactly of what i mean.

a good idea would be to reset the ranks at the 1st of every month

I know some regs are considering moving to different servers baecause to many people play for rank, not for the fun of the game. it seems that its not a fight to rescue hossies/defuse bomb anymore its just a fight to keep ur rank sort of like a deathmatch

20-11-05, 11:34 PM
Well, you as a reg have the ability to make it more of a team game - start using our TS, get involved in the comunity, make people want to play with you, then you can play properly.

And, you are speaking of assault, which many of us hate, where it is the CTs who are the ones not playing properly. So, really, your thread is about how crap players in general are, and that you are annoyed that badboy is a good player who plays for self betterment.

Badboy does play as a team, when people are willing to, and use avaliable media to decide what they are going to do.

21-11-05, 02:41 AM
Sorry, topic unlocked. I don't see a reason to close the discussion... its not out of hand or abusive, surely its just fair dabate on a matter on the servers?

Chille,m I would be interested to hear from some of the people you say share you view.

To me this thread is just another step towards us closing the Assault server. It causes far more trouble than any other server and seems to attract the kind of player we don't want (generally, not always of course).

21-11-05, 07:53 AM
Oh man things just keep getting worse don't they?
First of all let me start by thanking McBain for re-opening this thread and saying it would be really dissapointing for me (and a lot of other people) to see the 24/7 assault server go.
So back to Badboy; When I started playing on the LNY assault server I noticed the relatively good athmosphere there, also I really liked Badboy who wasn't in LNY|S at that time. He is a sportive player and a good laugh in my opinion. Since his joining of LNY he only has been more of a teamplayer and I really don't see things you discribe Chille!

Furthermore it's really not polite starting threads with false accusations like this, saying things like "he is trying to get players banned because they threaten his rank" is just absurd!! I could go on like this for another page or something but i think i made my point.

Now, I just had to say something about this as I am sure that most 24/7 assault players agree but most of them are not registerd at this forum.

21-11-05, 07:58 AM
There isnt just helios who comes on under different name somtimes an admin will do somethin under some wierd name and i wont have a clue who it is so if anything is happening on th assualt server there will be an admin on or on another lny server. Also if you have xfire there will be admin on there for you to contact.

21-11-05, 09:08 AM
Quite frankly I am extremelty tired of the moaning of the Assault server. It is th eonly server I get asked ot come on and sort outthe problems. So much so now that I either just slay the troublemakers or ban them.

As for Badboy joining Ts all the time. Well personally I don't care he can do what he wants in joining teams. IF ETB does not sort it out well tough. As for getting rid of people who threaten his score, If he is caught doing that he will be chucked out of the clan. But Personally I thinkheknows this so I doubt he is doing anything of the kind.

21-11-05, 09:09 AM
The funny thing about this, is that I was having the same exact discussion last night. I have played assault alot over the past month or so, and yes my rank has risen - but so what?!? No-one seemed to complain when I was ranked >10, now all of a sudden I have knocked some guys off the top places and this comes up - hmmmm :roll: . The awful thing, is that I do care what other players think of me and hence I always try to ask people how they are doing, how the hunting is etc etc because I genuinely care how they are.

I am all for the ranks being reset but I do not feel this is your problem chille. I believe your problem is that when I'm T I can get a score of ~40:10 (which I must add isnt great - other LNY members can do better), but when I'm CT with a strong team behind me, I can also get the same score. It's assault remember - T's naturally have an advantage because CT can only enter via 4 points - not that hard to guard if you know what you are doing. But to say I ALWAYS join T if they are winning is utter cr*p, and is based on biased opinion and evidence. I have said before that my kills as T to kills as CT ratio is 2/1, i.e. 66% of my kills have come from T on assault according to the phsycostats, which I checked last night. The hilarious thing is that the person who is ranked no1 on the server has got a higher ratio for T kills than CT kills than me. Also, the same applies to alot of the other top10.

So, to repeat what I said to another player who was communicarting this apparent dismay of other players to me last night, the only people I will take advice from in the future are other LNY members. If they feel I have broken some rule about biased teams, or they feel I am being unsportsman-like then fine, but in my opinion, I enjoy getting my @55 handed to me as CT just as much as kicking @55 as T. In fact, with a strong team with me, who listen, and give orders, I enjoy being CT more.

Regarding accusing people of cheating - O M G :evil: . I have been witness to random slander with regard to people cheating and my answer to the statement that I accuse people is... yeah I do when I feel they are, like ghosting, but again I am not the only one.

Now I hate to mention names, and therefore will not lower myself to it, but other top10 players hammer T too. In fact, there is one player I can think of who actually went T solidly for 4 days just to get my rank from me. There was also another player who couldnt wait to rub it in that the player had taken 2nd spot back from me. Sad really that these people take pleasure in the misfortune of others, but hey, thats THEIR problem.

Finally, I feel I know who this chille guy is, but do not wish to speculate at this time, but IMHO it's not who you think it is. I feel dust2/office is much better practice for me with regard to clan matches than assault is, and therefore I wont be there as much as I was. That way the children can fight amongst themselves for the ranks :twisted:

Sorry but Lestat posted while I was typing so Im adding this

As for getting rid of people who threaten his score, If he is caught doing that he will be chucked out of the clan. But Personally I thinkheknows this so I doubt he is doing anything of the kind.

This is what I am tired of, despite the last part of this sentence, it seems as if people are believeing this person wihtout me even answering the thread. With regard to "gettin rid of people who threaten my rank" thats, well, I have no words to say how pathetic that statement is. How can I do this? I would have to call an admin who would carry out a fair and impartial verification that the person was cheating, so I could not just accuse someone and poof they disappear. Get a grip on what you are saying for crying out loud.

Chille's comments are laughable, and totally based on evidence from biased people. If people have a problem with me then they can let me know. I have posted my msn name before only to be abused by some plebs from Manchester on it, so I ask you to post here instead. All comments are welcome, good or bad, but I ask you have some evidence when you accuse someone of this behaviour in the future.

21-11-05, 10:13 AM
erm. i think this chille guy is a little correct in what he is sayin, ive noticed that badboy seems to join the ts, even when its sommat like 12-0 to the terros, but as for accusing people of hacking ive never seen him do that so i dont belive that bit.


a good idea would to be reset the ranks on the 1st of every month so that people will actually not bother about which team the join, stops the WTJ, but i think that the psychostats should be kept as an overall rank from all lanarchy servers, or maybe get rid of ranks all together on the servers, but yet again keep psychostats, sort of like a few moth ago when steam updated and caused a lot of problems.

p.s badboy y did u delete the last comment dont think i didnt see it, i all want to knwo is y did u call me a pleb it was uncalled for.

21-11-05, 10:30 AM
Chunk: It wasnt deleted I merely wished to conserve space. As for calling you a pleb, I never mentioned any names so I guess you are admitting to coming on msn with an attitude, but tbh Ill set ya straight - I dont like you or wesk and frankly dont have to. LNY have no control over who I like or dislike, only over my actions on their servers, actions which I feel always reflect well on LNY. If you disagree great, people died so you could disagree - but Ive had wesk threaten me with a shotgun (to which I just laughed and said ROFL!!!!!), call me a racists depsite not knowing me from joe bloggs, and you accuse me of being a winning team joiner.

As for your screenie, you may wish to look at the individual players scores. It may be 12-0, but thats only because you have no idea of how to work as a team, and rush, and yeah, I admit pwn, but then all your teammates die like you did in that round during which you took the screenie. If you played as part of a team, then maybe it wouldnt be 12-0. Also, I dont know if you noticed but me joining T that time made it 9-9 with regard player number. Plus get a calculator out and add up all the kills for CT and all those for T. You may notice that the top3 players have nearly all thew same number of kills, so despite the actual team score line, the teams are balanced. Finally, I feel it would be unfair to T if I didnt join them when you are CT. The same as I would not join T if you were on there.

But, you know what I find funny???? Chille posted at 10:48pm last night, Wesk posted at 10:55pm, with the comment "indeed". Also, Chille, Chunk and Wesk all want the stats reset "at the 1st of every month" - is it just me or is all slightly convenient :lol: Also, the style of writing of chille is awfully familiar :?:

Sgt. Stadanko
21-11-05, 10:58 AM
Jesus christ kill the Assault Server already, if someone came onto these forums with no knowledge of the servers and saw the childish arguments being fueled by it's regulars then they be put off for life!

I agree with Lestat's harsh-handed Adminning, I also agree with Helios locking this topic and I most certainly agree with McBain.

*poll, pls*

21-11-05, 01:16 PM
badboy i never asked u to like me i couldnt care if u do or dont, about callin me a pleb i think u was on about me and wesk cause we came on msn and apparently we both abused u, plus a lot of other people can vouch that u almost always join the winning team, wont mention any names, and i dont think u work as a team, u always stay in the same place on terros,

plus to futher prove a point ill luk thorugh my scrennshots to see if i can find another with u WTJ, not helping the losing team whihc i always look to do when i join. Plus how am i meant to wrk as a team when no one else will wrk as a team, the only ones that will are the lny clan members, one of the best players to wrk with is stokes, other good players to wrk with are old man crunch and delta, maybe u are good to wrk with but i dont know cause im 80% of the time not on the same team as u.

21-11-05, 01:46 PM
plus a lot of other people can vouch that u almost always join the winning team, wont mention any names, and i dont think u work as a team, u always stay in the same place on terros

Firstly, please try and type english and use sentences and correct grammer.

Secondly, let those people you have mentioned come on and say it - because frankly I know at least 5 people I could mention right now who are real WTJ's, but Im not as sad as to slate them. And Im always in the same place? - LOL - where? you mean in the building - yeah spose I am :lol:

What you are tryna say (Ill put it into word format because not everyone can understand what you try to write)

1) I am a rank whore - yeah, you say that only since I knocked you and Delta off the top spots :twisted: and it's funny that no-one is accusing other top5 members of it (even though its so clear they are)
2) I always join the winning team - well, even if that was true, which it isnt, I ask you - so what?!? In the words of Lil John and the Eastside boys "What you gonna do?"

Whats laughable is I believe I know who chille is and find the level of two-faced, back-stabbing to be both funny and sad at the same time.

last thing Ill say in this thread - LOL AT ALL WHO BELIEVE THIS and to those who conspire to conspire, I will not be quiting LNY anytime soon - gotcha :twisted:

21-11-05, 01:55 PM
who ever said ANYTHING about making u quit LNY, thats just you, your to paranoid.

i never accused u of bein a rank whore, so get things right next time.

all im trying to say is why not help the losing team once in a while instead of letting etb switch you.

Plus can we start a poll on if/when to reset the ranks or remove them and just have psychostats for our ranks.

21-11-05, 01:58 PM
Ah Badboy, again we r at this stalemate, what is chunk talking about "those plebs from manc" hopefully u r not referrin to me? Also as chunk rightly said we never asked you to like us nor do we care, but i do care when we clearly resvolved our issues but yet u carry on to mention my name in your threads. Also personally i bought my copy of CSS to play the game not my rank so i dont really care if your rank 456 or rank number 1 its all the same to me.What i dont like however, is people who blantly play for their ranks, again im not puttin this down to you u soley im just speakin in genralitys, hence why i put in the idea of a rank reset to stop the competitivness of some players.

FYI badboy i kno chillie hes a different person all together so dont go all sherlock holmes on us thinkin its me or chunk.

Finally id like to say to the admins i am grateful for the service you provide and apologise for the inconvience caused by some players. I was a reg on jolt.co.uk if you've heard of it and left with a few other people because of issues similar to this nature. A player who could vouch for me is Bounty Hunter who i intorduced to ur servers through the help of Chunk. Seems he became part of the clan didn't he? Anyway what im trying to say is the assault server has really gone downhill lately just with arguments and matters of that nature.


P.S Again badboy nothing personal but please dont concern me in a dispute with Chunk or Chillie or anyone else for that matter.

21-11-05, 02:02 PM
This is what I am tired of, despite the last part of this sentence, it seems as if people are believeing this person wihtout me even answering the thread.

This does seem a little paraniod... given the fact that pretty much everyone has come on and said they don't believe the accusations, including the statement you quoted. :) ...which I think was why Helios locked it in the first place, cause he believed it to be a load of b*ll*x. The only reason I opened this thread back up was because you hadn't had your chance to have a say, which I didn't feel was fair.

Now, for those that haven't figured it, yes Chilli is Chunk. Chilli is now banned and Chunk has somewhere in the region of 24 hours to give me a good reason why not to ban him from the forums and the servers. Thankyou.

21-11-05, 02:07 PM
lol i think this topic is getting out of hand, like other topics i.e "what is it with some players", i say lock it unless you want to hear more views that some people have.

21-11-05, 02:09 PM
LoL yea chunk is right, lock it before other players such as old man crunch or delta give their views

21-11-05, 02:10 PM
Maybe I editted it in just after you replied, so I repeat it here.

Now, for those that haven't figured it, yes Chilli is Chunk. Chilli is now banned and Chunk has somewhere in the region of 24 hours to give me a good reason why not to ban him from the forums and the servers. Thankyou.

@ DarkRaven, I didn't see BadBoy mention your name in this thread? Or did I miss it? Please don't try and stir things up.

21-11-05, 02:11 PM
lol laughable truly laughable

21-11-05, 03:17 PM
lol laughable truly laughable

Nope you have it wrong pal, it should read

Sad, truly sad !!!!

Wesk: If you were not part of this whole sham, then why did you say that you knew Chille and that it was not Chunk? You were so stupid as to include both of you in this dirty and Macvelian plot in that statement. Im also guessing the way McBain found out was that chunk used his own computer to write the thread and therefore his own IP was logged. LOL at both of you.

I honestly wish raven and chunk would leave me alone - I really do. It was SOOOOOOOOO obvious that chille was chunk, based upon a scrutiny of the writing, grammer and chosen wordings, hence my first thread comment. Yet I could not say it because I didnt want to cause any further uproar. I told Helios they were out to get me, both of them, but I had no hard evidence.

Anyways, to McBain, the reason I am so paranoid is because I knew this would happen - I knew they could possibly cause LNY members to think I was a dis-honourable person - this is why I was so upset when Lestat mentioned being kicked out of the clan - even though I knew the context he was putting it in, it just troubled me - thats all :roll:

I know exactly why chunk did this, it has been said above. What reason he gives is, well, if we ever find out (McBain's discretion of course) it wont take away what he tried to do here, at least for me anyway.

I ask - what was the god damn point?

A truly p*ssed off player


21-11-05, 03:30 PM
well it should not have troubled you I was not even thinking of kicking youout of clan just putting hte clans view across. AS for this topic as a whole firstly are any of you reading what mcbain has written?

Secondly I have had enough and will be working to shut down the assault server. Over the course of 2 months it has been a real problem for admins, and frankly I think it has dragged LNY into to many problems and bickering. I am fairly sure scooby agrees with me on this. Sorry to all of you who just play on it. But it is not worth my time and effort to sort out the children who play on it.

21-11-05, 03:35 PM
Well, I have started by banning DarkRaven and Chunk's IP from the servers. Chunk has the option to post an apology here, but tbh, I'm not sure its worth it at this point.

DarkRaven, for lying to us about knowing Chillie is a different person and then calling my post laughable, you're not particularly welcome in what is generally a friendly community.

Good luck to you both on your new servers.

21-11-05, 03:55 PM
Man it's a shame how a few people ruin the fun for a much larger number of players. But I guess that's happens in a lot of things.
I promised my self I wouldn't post in this thread anymore, however i would like to say it would really dissapoint me to see the 24/7 assault go... anyways I can see where the admins are coming from aswell (used to be an admin myself for Tweakdsl.nl) so if it goes it goes.

Now I'm really done with this matter.

21-11-05, 04:12 PM
Ok, don't know if this thread has died yet but ill give my opion and what i see:
ok for starts, working on rank, whats this? working on rank is killing but not getting killed isnt it? Hang on isnt that the point of the game?
And i have played with badboy on assault lots of times with my pitchblack name and he has been ct alot of the time, and also when i havent got my name on because im admining or just simply im not the one playing and im just watching, badboy is on the cts.
All so i have been on Teamspeak with badboy and he works great as a team, also if he didnt he wouldnt be in this clan or probably any other one.
All i see is that your rank is feeling threatened so your hear to moan.
also ok badboy probaly does favour the Ts, i do, on any map, but ok when he is a T on assault i have seen him time and time and time again being the only T trying to work his way out of the building.
And i will be very sad if the assault goes, and will be forced to find a new assault server, ok for the last couple of days the assault server will be up (maybe) i am not going ot be so kind in adminig, 1warning and then your out as i feel people are getting to cocky.

21-11-05, 04:20 PM
Didn't someone saying something about badboy going the same way everytime. To be honest i have a way i go on both sides and go pretty much there all time. The reason i play assault is because you can snipe on it. Whichever team i play on i snipe and im not bothered cas that is the mood i am in and thats what i want to do. Badboy varys the way he goes so if you have to blame on anyone on assualt for doing the same thing blame me not badboy.

21-11-05, 05:11 PM
RANK??? i dont realy play to improve my rank. if you r in the top 10 oh yeah so what, good for you.

well i think it would be good for we admins to kill the assault server so we have less problems because all LNY members know that the assault server is a pain in the a**

and what cilli said: i think its alot of bs: :lol:, i think everyone has a favorit side on each map, but its a bit boring if you r constantly in the same team

21-11-05, 06:19 PM
And that, is a wrap. Too bad it had to get into a slugging match..... - exactly why i locked it in the firstplace.

anyway, i'm with lestat, we could run a much more "productive" server than assault, and have more fun.

Sgt. Stadanko
21-11-05, 06:43 PM
And that, is a wrap. Too bad it had to get into a slugging match..... - exactly why i locked it in the firstplace.

anyway, i'm with lestat, we could run a much more "productive" server than assault, and have more fun.

Hear, Hear.

...And it would also make the dust2/office server less laggy!!! :D

21-11-05, 06:58 PM
so what happens now? are you admins going to shut down the assault server?
i think it would be a good idea to give the admins like lestat or mcBain a rest because they are already doing so much work like looking after the other servers and keeping the website nice and tidy.
and there has got to be another server that plays the assault map somewere?
all the people that play the LNY assault server can just go and find another server.

21-11-05, 07:15 PM
I cant honestly believe what I am reading here - doesnt anyone else realise how pathetic, cowardly, slimey and under-handed this act was? To actually think of creating a new forum identity and slate another player, simply because they slapped you of the top spots? Does that not seem petty to anyon else?

Now I have expained to PitchBlack, whom I respect without question, and he asks me to apologise???? I've already apologised for something I did not start to avoid being kicked off the servers - it will not be happening twice. If chunk wanted to say this then why not simply say it? Ill tell ya why not, if you cant work it out for yourself - he wanted it to seem as if joe bloggs in the top20 had a problem with me so him and wesk could then add "oh yes we've noticed that too" (imagine that being said in a girly voice). That way, everyone would think I was a rank whore, which were not the words of chunk but of chille admitedly - but, whats this? - OMG CHUNK WAS CHILLE so yes they were your words chunk for god sake

His exscuse is that I said he had no sense of teamwork so I started it - LOL - so what?!? If someone has a problem with someone else they deal with it using their own identity - well, least most of us do. He started saying in-game that he had been banned for speaking the truth and that other LNY members felt the same - if you do please let me know but I feel I am 100% team focussed - 100% of the god damn time.

Ill let the admin decide what happens but I believe Pitch is letting chunk back on the forums - which I am totally disgusted with - he hasnt been punisehd for a thing - but hey, he made up some BS story so I guess thats enough :?

A dis-illusioned clan member - what happened to "Ill have your back, you have mine" :?:


21-11-05, 07:32 PM
I believe Pitch is letting chunk back on the forums

He can't. Only (IIRC) Sc00bs, McB and Wints can do that.

21-11-05, 07:45 PM
yeah man time to reset the ranks to stop all this Rank this Rank that krazyness

hey dudes badboy is a good boy


21-11-05, 08:11 PM
I know his story was a load of crap but i just thought that if he said sorry that things would not be so tense around the servers, when i said to you bb that i will try and get him unbanned i didnt know you felt that strongly, sorry i totaly understand though why, well if he is banned on here he needs to be banned on the servers because things will happen and insults will happen, also i think wesk will neen to be watched as it sounds like he was also a part of this.

21-11-05, 08:11 PM
wow, this is getting outta hand, i think that i am justified in locking it for now (if any of the other admins have anything to add, they can unlock it)

pitch CANNOT let anyone back on the forums, only the 3 mention above can.

And, chunk has been banned for being a 2 faced imature idot who wanted to try and get badboy out. Yes, badboy has had a bumpy past with chunk and wesk, and, yes, i may have been sceptical of badboy then, but i know him, and i know he playes well, and so do many other members of LNY.

Frankly, if people are going to be 2 faced and slander our clan and comunity members, they are not welcome in anypart of LNY.

**edit** well, wesk has told me that He, chunk and Delt will be packing their bags and heading off to another server.

22-11-05, 03:31 AM
Tbh, I'm a little disappointed BadBoy has as little faith in us as admins and clan mates...

I cant honestly believe what I am reading here - doesnt anyone else realise how pathetic, cowardly, slimey and under-handed this act was?

Erm, where they both not banned from the forum and all servers almost instantly?

A dis-illusioned clan member - what happened to "Ill have your back, you have mine" :?:

As far as I can see, every LNY member that has posted has backed you 100%? Am I wrong? How about a little appreciation instead of saying things like that...

...anyway, as Helios says, matter over with.