View Full Version : Lost and Delerious

27-11-05, 04:38 AM
I just saw a movie called Lost & Delirious, man it really hit a sensitive string (is that an english expression? anyway) I was just wondering if anyone else saw this aswell and what their opinion on it is.

27-11-05, 12:36 PM
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I haven't actually heard of this film, let alone seen it.

From the plot outline on IMDB, it sounds more like a lesbian pr0n0
A newcomer to a posh girls boarding school discovers that her two senior roommates are lovers.

27-11-05, 05:03 PM
Not seen it... but sounds like I should?

27-11-05, 06:31 PM
A really good movie, yes the main characters are lesbian, but the story is very easy to relate to for anyone imo

And no its not porn:P