View Full Version : Things not quite right in CSS?

08-01-06, 09:20 PM
deagle ammo? (http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d155/bones495/de_westwood_s0000.jpg)

I was having a shoot out with my deagle, and i run out of ammo, i switch weapons and then switch back by accident (my finger slipped onto the Q key)
only to discover that the gun looks ripe woth ammo again!! but the ammo display says different.... :side:

08-01-06, 10:36 PM
Did it actually have ammo? or did it just look like it had ammo (e.g. slide forward)?

08-01-06, 11:32 PM
Yeah i think you might want to have recorded a demo because nothing looks strange if you ask me

09-01-06, 12:36 PM
look at the ammo counter guys.

09-01-06, 01:52 PM
yeah it says 0|0 but were you still able to fire it and bullets came out?

09-01-06, 03:03 PM
no. the thing is it has no ammo but it looks like it does

09-01-06, 03:35 PM
Why does it?

09-01-06, 03:42 PM
i dont know???

09-01-06, 03:46 PM
thats what it always looks like when it doesn't have ammo if you ask me

09-01-06, 07:33 PM
Well, that is normal, the slide goes forward when you put it away. In RL, you would release the slide from lock before holstering it, it is only a thumb switch afterall.