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22-07-03, 11:26 PM
I thought I'd put this in the public forum;

when I first installed CS I installed it from the CD so I have the 'retail version' installed. Then I DLed the full 1.5 mod version and installed that (at the time I couldn't find the retail version patch to 1.5). This is all fine and dandy except I'm getting some issues when I'm running a server with certain maps not working (and it's not silly maps it's things like office and train) I've tried removing the retail version (seemed like a good idea I'm not using it) but that totally buggers my mod installation for some reason. Short of putting PODBot, adminmod and statsme on the retail version and running off that (once we've worked out who's using my retail CS key) can anyone think of a way of getting the retail version off my PC without it buggering up my mod version?
Or failing that any ideas why i can't host these maps? I can join a game playing them, but can't host them. (de_iced is another that fails)

They fail by crashing cs just as it tries to load them.

All ideas gratefully accepted.

23-07-03, 08:32 AM
Thats odd that retail interfers with mod version, I'm guessing it can only be somewhere in the registry that it does this, cause they both have there own seperate folders on your hard drive.

It still seems a bit odd and I wonder, if you can be arsed, if you might not be best off removing both and starting fresh?

23-07-03, 09:33 PM
After the fun I had getting statsme to work? You're kidding right :?: :!:
Posted this on NukBox too so Im waiting to see if anyone there can help me :thumbs:

24-07-03, 09:20 PM
Right I shut my eyes and went for it. The retail has gone and my original still works (after 1/2 a hour messing about working out what was X linked). But those maps still crash...
I loaded the game up sans PODBot and the maps don't crash. Does that mean I'm going to have to remove PODBot? Do the other bots work with adminmod and statsme OK? Or shoud I just spend some time mucking about trying to find alternate waypoint files for the maps that crash?

24-07-03, 09:42 PM
Maybe you should try switching admin addons. I've installed AMX mod on my (listen)server we used on Saturday, and it seems pretty good, apart from the lists of bots appearing on some people's screens.

24-07-03, 11:18 PM
OK it's only crashing on de_iced now as far as I can tell and IIRC that map has never worked on this PC so it's probably something to do with the map... I can live with that. I'm going to try and install mEAn tomorrow and see what happens :)