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30-06-02, 06:25 AM
Here are some helpful tips for people new to Counter Strike - Don't have a 'lead finger' - When shooting at your target, fire in bursts of 2 or 3 shots at a time. The more consecutive shots fired, the stronger the recoil becomes. The best example is the AK47. The first shot is almost perfect and can be used like a sniper bullet, but keep your finger held down and it'll be all over the place.

Keep your crosshair chest height - If you try and keep your crossheir up, when you bump into an enemy and slam your finger down on the trigger, at least your shooting into his chest/head rather than his feet.

Strafe round corners - Get used to turning left and strafing right to take left corners (and vice versa of course). Mastering this cornering method can be done on your own in a LAN game and is vital to be successful. Combined with the above tip, this can save your bacon when you unexpectedly meet a foe.

Use stealth - The biggest give away to your enemy that you are on your way is your clomping feet. Make good use of your walk button when you think you may be near an enemy. Crouch is also useful but remember, if you use crouch to come round corners, anyone sat waiting will see your elbow and know your coming quite a long while before you see them.

Don't panic! - Often when you start getting shot at panic sets in and you end up shooting at clouds while you get picked off by a laughing enemy. Make a chioce, get to cover or fire back. If you go for the first option, don't start jumping a it will only slow you down. If your a long way from cover then I suggest option 2. Locate your aggressor as quick as possible, crouch and carefully aim and fire back, using burst fire as described above. With any luck he is panicking and will end up shooting at the clouds instead.

Work as a team - Unless you have god like CS skills, you are going to need your team if you're going to be successful. Try and stick together, whilst at the same time, not all standing in the same place (an HE grenade can make for a short round in this case). Cover each other, watching all directions between you, so as to not let the enemy sneak up on you. Back up a team mate. If he is firing at someone or being fired upon, don't just sit there hiding, get out there and help him. Two on one will mean the one should be dead very quickly before he can inflict much damage to the two.

Know the map - Practice and practice the maps so you know them like the back of your hand. Where people like to hide, where the danger areas are, how far can you get on a rush before meeting anyone etc... It makes such a difference, sometimes you hear shots being fired and you will know where they are coming from without even looking.

Stay covered - Don't run around the map like a headless chicken. Stay near the walls,in the dark or in corners as much as possible. Combine this with your stealth and you can sneak up on some people for the much wanted knife kill. If you've always got your back against a wall, there are less directions you can be shot from.

Use grenades - Anyone who has been flashbanged and then shot in the head will know how helpless it feels. For $200 a flashbang is a bargain. Bounce it off a wall, wait for the 'poof' and run round, sometimes even if it's just a guess that someone might be there (see 'know the map' above). These can give you some of the easiest kills your going to get.

Use money wisely - Its sods law the one time you buy everything, a primary, a secondary, an HE, a flash and a full kevlar set, your gonna get gang raped by a group of 5 opposition. All that money down the drain. Sometimes it's wise to spend nothing at all and try and pick up a gun later in the round allowing you to save money for a decent gun the next round.I will add to this in time, if I think of any other basic pointers. Feel free to add to it yourself of course...

27-03-03, 07:31 AM
I just found these 10 Commandments on MrFixItOnline.com (http://www.mrfixitonline.com/)
1. Thou shalt know thine maps
Knowing the maps is half the game. You simply have to know where the other team will come from in order to plan your survival. Taking a moment to set up a LAN game by yourself and run around the map a bit is one way. If this is too boring, make sure you use your time in ghost mode when dead to follow around other players, watch where they run and look. Try to figure out any good hiding places.

2. Thou shalt use the right weapons
Some weapons are easy to use, some are hard. While it is good to try all weapons to get a feeling for what is easy to use, it's probably good to stick to an easy weapon after that until you get used to it. There's no point spending all your money on a Para then get shot before you get a shot off. A good weapon for beginners is the MP5. It is very accurate (especially when crouching) and has little recoil. It's also powerful enough to take anyone down if you get a few shots on them. Because of the low recoil, you can safely go fully automatic (yes, you can spray and pray like you want, it's ok) without the recoil or bullet spread becoming too bad. However, that raises the next point...

3. Thou shalt not go full auto all the time
While it feels great, holding down the trigger for too long makes you inaccurate and you'll end up missing a lot. Unless you're at short range, try to use controlled bursts of fire. As you fire, your crosshairs expand to indicate your bullets could be going anywhere. Once you release fire, your crosshairs contract once more so your next shot will be accurate. If you use short bursts of fire, your firing will always be reasonably accurate.

4. Thou shalt not run around with a half-empty gun
Let's assume you've just shot half the team (it's okay, this is just hypothetical) and you have 10 rounds left in your MP5. Do NOT run off in search of more enemies without reloading unless you know you are about to get jumped by more enemies (because reloading your weapon when getting pumped full of lead isn't cool either). The first thing that will happen is you will come across someone else, start to fire, hear the dreaded click as you run out of ammo, and then the sickening splatter as your innards hit the wall behind you. Ouch.

5. Thou shalt not run away from your team
When you are learning how to play, the last thing you want to do is meet up with one or more of the enemy by yourself, because unless you luck out bigtime (they could be new like you and not have read these commandments!) you will more often than not get killed. When learning, the best thing to do is to follow your team, lending supporting fire whenever you can. That way you might be able to steal a few kills off your teammates and give the illusion of having skills and stay alive at the same time. Sweet!

6. Thou shalt not camp unless it serves the purpose of the team
Camping is hiding in one little spot in the hope that you might luck out and get a kill because the hapless enemy did not expect you to be lame enough to hide where you did. A lot of players frown upon camping, especially if you happen to kill them while doing it. The thing is, if it does not serve the purpose of the team, they are entirely right. Camping as a CT on a hostage rescue map does nothing but draw out the round, and will probably earn abuse from other players. If your team has an objective that requires them to attack (CTs on hostage rescue and assassination, Ts on bomb maps and escape), do NOT camp out the round. Brief pauses to ambush the enemy is fine, but hiding away in some warm, safe place while the other team waits for you to make your move is just lame. On the other hand, if your team is defending and you find yourself the last one left on your team, then by all means camp. However, if you are going to camp, pick a useful place to do it. Camping near the bombsite on a bomb defuse map as a CT, or the hostage rescue zone as a T is perfectly acceptable as your doing so prevents the other team from winning unless they kill you. There are usually at least two ways to reach any point on a map. If you are watching one path and no enemies are coming from that direction, then they are almost always coming from the other way. Being flanked is really annoying, so always turn and check the other way frequently. If you get criticized for camping then, you can safely inform them it was in the best interests of the team and if they weren't lame enough to get killed so quickly you would not have had to do it.

7. Thou shalt not run in straight lines
Have you noticed how the enemies run at you, weaving and jumping out like teenagers after a couple of beers? Don't you wish they'd run straight you so you could get an easy shot at them, like you are at them? Weaving and jumping makes you much harder to hit. Even if you don't think there is an enemy about, never run in a straight line. If someone appears from behind you without you knowing, at least you'll be tricky to hit. Of course you don't need to overdo it and look like an idiot - terrorists and counter-terrorists generally do not ride pogo sticks.

8. Thou shalt get used to the radio commands
These are by far the fastest way to get the attention of your teammates if you need it. While it's fun to run around yelling stupid and useless radio commands, there's also an element of 'the boy who cried wolf' in this - if you don't use them sensibly, nobody will listen when you do, so use them sparingly. You don't need to know all of them off by heart, but there are a few that are useful to know. Assuming the radio command keys have not been remapped, here are a few handy ones.
Z1 - Cover me! - good to get supporting fire from your team so you don't run head first into a bunch of enemies without anyone to blame for not covering you. Z2 - You take the point - if you are wounded or you suck (or maybe you are wounded because you suck), it's a good idea to get a healthier, more able teammate to go first (and take the bullets first, then hopefully you can steal his kill).
Z5 - Storm the Front! - this is a good one for convincing your teammates to get in amongst it, hopefully giving you the chance to steal some kills. Of course it can backfire if they either get all killed leaving you alone, or they smash through the enemy line and kill everyone. Either way it doesn't help you much.
Z6 - Taking fire, need assistance! - you hear the wind blow, see a tree move... use this one. It's the quickest way to get a response from your team. Feeling lonely? Taking fire, need assistance! Of course you can use it legitimately too for when you are actually under fire, that would probably also work.
X1 - Go, go, go! - this one is perfect for getting someone else to charge into the breach and take a bullet for you. Coupled with Z2, this one basically spells out that they are going first. If they have any sense of self-preservation, they will probably ignore you, but a lot of people are trusting enough to go. If you call it though, it's a good idea to at least look like you were following them because the first thing they will do when they hit ghost mode after being ruthlessly slaughtered is look to see what happened to their support.
C1 - Affirmative - if someone makes a call and you want to indicate that you heard them and they don't need to say it anymore, stop spamming my radio channel, use this command.
C8 - Negative - if anyone ever tells you to take the point or storm the front, this is the response you want. If they want to be all big and brave, let them charge to their death, you are more than happy in your warm, safe camping spot, thank you very much.
C9 - Enemy down - if you manage to steal someone's kill, make sure you use this one, just to inform your team of your contribution. They are fortunate to have you (after all, a score of 1/14 is infinitely better than 0/14).

9. Thou shalt stop, look and listen
One of the easiest ways to get killed is to run headlong into every situation. You can guarantee that sooner or later (probably sooner) you will die. Running makes a lot of noise, and others can hear it and ambush you. When you approach an area you are not sure about, stop first, have a cautious look around, and listen for the footsteps of others. Most people run almost all the time, so you might save yourself by waiting and listening. Similarly, it's a good idea to use the walk key yourself, especially when there are not many players left in the round, so you don't give away your position and can hear others.

10. Thou shalt make use of your radar
The radar is a great tool in CS for identifying your target. Teammates on the same level as you show up as dots. Teammates above you show as 'T's. Teammates below you show up as inverted 'T's. If you see movement, check the radar to see if it is your team or not, and if it isn't, open fire (if friendly fire is not on, it's best to just open fire anyway, just to be safe). If you end up alone, use the radar to track down your teammates and regroup.

27-03-03, 09:22 AM

why about beginners guide to setting up controls and general game settings?

i wanna see my fps

15-05-04, 01:27 PM
>i wanna see my fps
Same here - and thanks for the helpers, all I need now is practice..

I also would like to get my microphone set up - is this useful or would I be wasting my time?


[OLSC]Papa Smurf
15-05-04, 05:06 PM
get ventrilo (not the latest version though - it's limited).

it used to be available on our site before it (the site) got b0rked, lemme know if you need it and i'll dig out a copy for ya

15-05-04, 09:23 PM
I also would like to get my microphone set up - is this useful or would I be wasting my time?
When we start playing competitivly a mic is a must tbh. You don't have time to type messages to teammates and while radio commands are useful, they sometimes just aren't specific enough...

15-05-04, 09:26 PM
Andy, cant we use the 'ingame' voice feature, rather than verntillo/TS?

15-05-04, 09:33 PM
Yeah, I'm happy enough to use that. I know it's legal to use TS though, cause forcechasecam will be set anyway, so it's not like you can watch the opposition and relay information, but the advantage of TS would be we can give advice/shout at any remaining players :)

06-07-04, 01:12 PM
TBH, I only use the VC in Steam (CS, DOD, etc) its perfectly good enough.

I cant understand why BF and other games (tmk) do not have one "ingame"....

06-07-04, 06:18 PM
TBH, I only use the VC in Steam (CS, DOD, etc) its perfectly good enough
But when your dead, you can't talk to those still alive... Also, you have to press a key in HL Voice to activate it, others are simply voice activated, which makes life a lot easier.

08-09-04, 02:12 PM
But when your dead, you can't talk to those still alive...

Isnt that the way its meant to be? otherwise you "could" pass on information to give playing players information to their advantage... which isnt very sporting.... :evil:

08-09-04, 08:06 PM
Yes, but if everyone else is doing it and you're not, you're at somewhat of a disadvantage :(

(P.S. I think you just won a prize for slowst response to a post.. 2 months :lol: ;) )

15-09-04, 11:21 AM

Blame my 56k modem... lol

16-09-04, 11:39 PM
prooves how often he visits, lol

22-08-05, 06:16 AM
There are a few tips missing from this section, for me, they are fundamental when playing CS.

1)Play tactically. Know where your enemy is, and therefore, where you should be.

Ok, this comes under "know thine map" to some extent, but I think this goes further than that. Listen for things like: footsteps, doors opening, any types of grenade (enemy ones won't radio first), flashlights around corners and I know on 1.6 you could hear the enemy talking on the radio if they were close by.

This is a great tip for beginners, because it's more about common sense than skill that requires a great deal of practise. For example, it may take a while to gain a steady aim, but anyone can listen for a noise in the vent, and therefore position themselves in a strategic position to eliminate the said enemy, while staying covered from others.

This is how 90% of knife kills are obtained. Some skilled players can head on combat armed lesser players with a knife, but for beginners, the easiest way is to sneak around them. CS isn't a stealth masterpiece, but this won't stop you getting that one-hit-wonder in the back of an enemy. An example of this on cs_assault is, if you know there are only one or two enemies remaining, and you hear/see both of them at backdoor, don't attack them head on, run out the front door and around the warehouse to attack them.

Remember though, on any map, where you think a player is, may not be where they are, and people can move across the map quicker than you think.

2)You must also learn to utilise grenades properly. As pre-mentioned, flashbangs are a great tool for clearing rooms/corridors of potential enemies, however, HE/Frag grenades really shouldn't be used like this.
I'm very surprised that grenade kills are so few, because they are a very good weapon. You just need to use them tactically. Don't throw them at a door or entrance 'randomly' or without good reason - or you've just wasted $300. Wait until you see the enemy you've just put a few holes in take cover to reload before lobbing that nade around/over the cover position. It works a treat, and it can really get you out of a fix. The key thing to remember here is don't waste grenades. Also, don't ever throw them into places if you think team mates may be positioned. Look at the radar if you have to, that's what it's there for. (And you should be using it frequently).

3) Quick Switching This is very important. By default, the "Q" key is the quickswitch hotkey. Quickswitch enables you to change from your current to your last used weapon at the press of a single key. This is immensly important, and you should always make sure your sidearm is your last used weapon to the primary, so that if you are overwhelmed (especially when reloading) you have a chance to fire back. This is even more important if you're using a weapon such as a sniper rifle, or low powered SMG.

Another tip. this is to do with configuration of CS. If you're tired of having that great big crosshair blocking your screen, you can ues the command:

"cl_crosshairscale <number>" At a scale of 10000 the crosshair is very small, and allows for much better visual accuracy. I believe the default scale is 120.


12-11-05, 12:01 AM
another tip, know the map and figure out the best rushing route it works when u know how to rush, best weapon for rushing are smgs

12-11-05, 10:27 AM
actually, i'd disagree with that. The M4 is good for rushing with the supressor on, and so is the auto shottie.

12-11-05, 10:29 AM
Be a man - rush with a scout... ;)

12-11-05, 02:29 PM
Be a man - rush with a scout... ;)

everyone knows that is the best weapon for it! i have got a good combination worked out for rushing wiht it :P

13-11-05, 09:24 AM
tmp is good for rushing in small places

18-08-06, 12:14 AM
Does anybody know how the hell you switch on quick weapon switch in 1.6? :(

18-08-06, 01:10 PM
Does anyone know why the hell pingu is playing 1.6 :lol: